how do you get round BT?

  Bailey08787 13:16 13 Jan 2003
  Bailey08787 13:16 13 Jan 2003

i have a poor connection speed of 28.8bkps with my dial-up modem.

I know the reason for this to be the BT phoneline/exchange.

So I appealed to them to remedy whatever it is that is causing my slow speeds - ie, DACS, or turning up the gain on my line, etc.

They told me to go get broadband

I don't want to pay the premium rate for broadband as my usage does not warrant it.

So how have those of you who have successfully had the gain on your line turned up get BT to comply?


  Sir Radfordin™ 13:22 13 Jan 2003

There is no reason for BT to turn up the gain unless there is a problem with voice calls.

Have you got a DAC on your line or not? You should be able to tell because its a fairly large black box that will be located outside your house.

As for the gain, the only way you are likely to get this done is to tell BT that you have a problem hearing phone conversations. They may then be willing to turn it up.

  siarad 13:31 13 Jan 2003

I've a friend with a split line who gets 48Kb/s speed. Is this the DACS thingy, as he didn't have a new line installed.

  Sir Radfordin™ 13:50 13 Jan 2003

A DAC box is used to split the line. When my father first started working from home we had one, but for some reason about 3 years ago BT turned up and took it away. We still have two lines, but we don't get slow speeds...well we do but only because its dial up.

  tigger2406 14:23 13 Jan 2003

Just as a suggestion, I had speed problems on dialup with my new computer (31K average)... tried to get them to play with gains and stuff, did nothing, then had an idea and downloaded some new drivers for the modem... I now surf at 44 or 45.2. It's a thought...

  Bailey08787 14:31 13 Jan 2003

i had everything going well - speeds in the region of 45k consistently

but then i moved to a new flat in london, and my speed has been slashed.

so i believe all my settings/drivers to be up-to-date and optimum (and i certainly want to avoid thr nightmare of getting things installed in xp)

but thanks for the suggestion

but i'm pretty certain the only factor that has changed in my set-up is the different BT line/phone number

  Pilch.... 17:22 13 Jan 2003

to get BT to turn the gain up, saying that connection speeds where 45k to 49.2k, but the download speeds where rubbish where ever i downloaded from, so i go them to put the gain right up and it cured it.

  Pumas 17:33 13 Jan 2003

but broadband isn't avaliable in my area yet!


  JGAULD 17:35 13 Jan 2003

IMHO BT are giving you the run around, phone them back and demand that they increase the gain on your line, they are a service provider and you are paying for a service your just not receiving, tell them you insist they increase the gain to enable you an acceptable connection speed via your internet connection.
If they don't I would complain to OFTEL click here they will listen to you then.
I had a similar problem with BT ages ago and the mere mention of OFTEL got things done. They may say that increasing the gain could effect the quality of voice calls,(echoes and stuff on the line) your response should be, Im willing to try it and see.
Don't let them fob you off, give em hell, you deserve better.

  Bailey08787 17:35 13 Jan 2003

but pilch - surely if i ask them to do that, they will just say the line is only for voice data calls - which only requires 25k

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