How do you communicate with BT

  ened 17:59 22 Jan 2008

This concerns their £4:50 charge for not paying by Direct Debit.

I have delayed paying it because I keep reading that various agencies are looking at the charge and they may be told they can't charge it.

Put simply I currently owe them £9:00.

I have tried telephoning and have sent numerous emails which have all been ignored.

In the past seven days I have received two threatening letters which have insisted I bring my account up to date.

I have asked for an explanation of the charge as a matter of urgency because if they persist I am going to change telephone supplier (that is what I told them anyway) but I get nothing besides an automated response.

I do not like being in debt but I do not agree with this charge and they seem to be unable to explain it in writing.

There must be a way of talking to someone at BT who is in a more senior position than a Call Centre and I would appreciate it if anyone knows how to go about this.

  lisa02 18:06 22 Jan 2008

Have you been paying your bill but not the £4.50 charge that's added on?

  ened 18:17 22 Jan 2008

I have received two bills since last May and that is exactly what I have done.

  lisa02 18:21 22 Jan 2008

"I have delayed paying it because I keep reading that various agencies are looking at the charge and they may be told they can't charge it."

In that case I recommend you pay it until the scenario changes and at present they can charge it.

They would have made clear to you prior to last May that you would incur the charge and by continuing to use BT's services you have agreed to the charge.

You don't want to damage your credit rating over £9 do you?

  ened 18:32 22 Jan 2008

Actually, the first I heard about this charge was on this site and that was sometime after May 1.

I have had no communication from BT concerning the charge either before or after and my requests for an explanation have met with silence.

Incidentally last Wednesday the Daily Mail reported that many people are doing the same as myself - ironically, just after reading that, the first letter arrived, claiming I owed £4:50 so they got that wrong for a start.

lisa02 I have never read the ts&cs but as an existing customer they surely should change these before changing the way we can pay.

From what I can remember about the article in the paper it has been suggested that existing customers should be exempt from this penalty.

  anskyber 19:37 22 Jan 2008

I imagine it will (the change) has been in very small print along with other promotional material with one of your bills, so the new T and Cs are in, the reasons are given here click here more info
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i think you are on dangerous ground even though you may feel there is a moral case for your position. withholding eg Council Tax payments may include a moral argument but it does not make it legal. as I see it you are failing to pay a current legitimate bill and until the law is clarified you could end up in much deeper water. I think lisa02 has offered good advice.

  anskyber 19:38 22 Jan 2008

sorry about that second "click here" try this one click here

  Clapton is God 20:29 22 Jan 2008

What's your problem with Direct Debits.

They're safe and convenient (you don't have to wander to the bank to pay the bill) and can be cancelled at any time by you.

I pay ALL my bills by Direct Debit and utterly fail to understand what others have against this method.

  laurie53 22:02 22 Jan 2008

Just a quick note as to what I have personally against DDs.

Some time ago I received an erroneous utility bill for £2k+. Had I paid by direct debit I would, of course, have got my money back no problem, but in the meantime every other DD, standing order, cheque, debit card and Pay Pal transaction would have bounced.

This would have left me without car and home insurance, TV Licence, gas breakdown cover and, worst of all, no internet connection! It would also have rendered me liable to house repossession, and the instant withdrawal of all credit.

I have no problem with DDs per se, but I baulk at having any company, let alone a utility company, none of whom are known for the efficiency of their accounting systems, take whatever they want, whenever they like, from my bank account.

  cycoze 23:11 22 Jan 2008

Are BT actually charging £4.50 for regular payment, or just letting DD paying customers have their bill for £4.50 less ?

  spuds 23:13 22 Jan 2008

BT are well versed with collecting debts, would suggest that you contact click here for further advice.

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