How do spammers find addresses?

  anchor 11:45 12 Feb 2003

This is one place

click here

  jazzypop 12:08 12 Feb 2003

How they get your address (and how to stem the rising tide of spam) - click here

  Theonewhowatchesoveryou 12:19 12 Feb 2003

funny that as

"Anti-spam Policy
We are an anti-spam organisation
All lists are verified genuine opt-in UK business email addresses as on Nov 2002"

never did like spam, hang over from army days!

  Forum Editor 13:00 12 Feb 2003

to generate thousands of names on any particular domain, and that's one of the most commonly used methods - particularly by porn spammers.

Take any popular domain, like ans simply generate lots of random names in front of the @ symbol. Many of them will be live addresses.

Spamming is the curse of the email system, and the industry has to find a way to beat it once and for all. I think it will happen, but not for a few years more.

  Theonewhowatchesoveryou 13:30 12 Feb 2003

not to mention that it's big business, however if used correctly it can be a powerfull marketing tool.

The company I work for bought a list of e-mail address's for a "mail shot" all the address were verified as having expressed an interest in the services we offer (private address's not business) the response rate was far better than if we had sent letters. So there is a valid useage of the e-mail medium, what most people (me included) object to is the deluge of porn spam that inundates our mail boxes every time we log on. If this stuff was coming through the letterbox every morning I am sure that the powers that are would take action. With 2 kids of mine who use the home comp including e-mail I have to check whats waiting to be delivered from work so that they are not exposed, some of the subject titles have to be seen to be believed!!
The blocked senders list on my comp is holds far more address's than the address book. But i suppose that is the price wqe have to pay for having access to the entire world (and it's low life)

  bfoc 14:00 12 Feb 2003

Anybody is not aware, clicking on the 'unsubscribe' button may well just get you loads more mail as you will have confirmed that your address exists!

Mailwasher seems a good solution, but I'm in the early days of trying it!

But I do think that ISP's could, and should, do more to counteract spam both outgoing and incoming.

There is another side to SPAM too. I was with an ISP for many years and then I found part of my domain address had been used as a 'ghost' send address for major amounts of spam. Despite repeated phone calls I was unable to get the ISP to just delete/bounce any emails which were not to any of my 'set' mailboxes. Once I reached 12,000 'bounced' spam mails sitting in my account I had no option but to leave the ISP!

I'm not absolutely sure how they got my address (or part of it), but some time before a company mailing list which I subscribed to, had sent out a mass mailing with everybody's mail address available for view. I'm sure that list was 'sold' since after that my SPAM increased exponentially culminating in the above incident.

  Stuartli 08:43 13 Feb 2003

I've posted comments in the past that my ISP, Tiscali, has sent out e-mails offering to sell e-mail address lists just as other companies sell compilations of home or business addresses.

  graham 10:39 13 Feb 2003

I get at the most one spam per week. What's my secret? Wish I knew, could make a fortune! Being on AOL?

  Coaster3 20:58 13 Feb 2003

I had an email from them today wanting to know if I wanted to buy a list of email addresses.

I bounced it, of course.

  Border View 22:02 13 Feb 2003

Dont know how they get my e-mail addresses but after some awful (and I mean disgusting subject titles - didnt open the e-mails deleted them straight away) took advise and used the mail rules option. This is where you can put a barred word in the subject and before the e-mail gets to you its deleted.

From memory - Outlook Express, Tools, Message Rules - follow it from there.

So far so good.

  sitko 22:48 13 Feb 2003

My email address is on multilingual lists all over the world and I get spam in at least 20 languages. Although I dislike McAffee products generally, SpamKiller is pretty good and easy to update. It detects a few thousand spam addresses and subject lines etc, and makes it easy to delete most spam on impact.

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