How do 'Overclockers' rate as a shop?

  bri-an 02:58 12 Jan 2005

Considering placing an order with 'Overclockers' for a HDD, DVD burner, Crucial memory etc.(£200+ in all)
Anyone have any thoughts about them - service, helpfulness etc??
All info, good/bad much appreciated before I part with my readies.

  Diodorus Siculus 08:12 12 Jan 2005 were good when I last used them - about a year ago. Phoned up and asked about stock - the guy went and looked and reserved the last available item for me. This was after I spent weeks trying to buy it from who told me it was out of stock despite being listed on site as in stock.

So I would always be happy to go to them again although they don't always have the cheapest prices.

  Jdoki 09:11 12 Jan 2005

Great service, good delivery, not bad prices.

Have used them considerably over the years and have always found them very helpful.

I posted praise for them on these very forums a few months ago after they exceeded my expectations on a high value order I placed.

  Q-Bie 10:15 12 Jan 2005

I concur.. as I write this I'm currently at home waiting for Delivery of my new Mobo, CPU and Ram from Overclockers..

I've never had any problems with them and all my friends use them as well.

  vaughan007 10:31 12 Jan 2005

For components they are cheaper than a lot of places and have a lot of choice.

For full systems they are not quite as cheap as novatech and dont have the incredible range that novatech do.

  wags 10:53 12 Jan 2005

I've only used them once, but was impressed. I bought a 6800GT graphics card - ordered at lunchtime online, received it next day by Parcel Force. I would definately use them again.

  Newuser719 11:00 12 Jan 2005

I used to use other on line stores for my PC related accessories, but as with the way with many so called sucessful stores you cant even get in touch with them by telephone. Overclockers on the other hand welcomes calls from customers and has a good and active forum as well. I have found them to be an excellent firm to deal with and they are now my first stop shop.

  Totally-braindead 15:46 12 Jan 2005

I've only used them once, for a graphics card they had on special. Unfortunatly the card didn't work properly and had to be sent back, took them about two weeks to check it and refund the cash which I consider to be reasonably quick. Ended up with a different card from a different supplier but even so Overclockers is a company I would deal with again. To my mind one of the signs of a good company is not just getting the part you ordered delivered to you when they say, which they did, but also what they do when something goes wrong, and Overclockers did fine by me. Shame the card was faulty though, but it happens. Same thing happened to me with Ebuyer, took me 3 months to get the cash back.

  StuPC-2004 16:03 12 Jan 2005

I've ordered two graphics cards and a hard drive from them in the past 18 months, and found the prices were very good and the service was excellent (although as the posters above point out, you can never tell how good a company actually is until something goes wrong)

  Starfox 18:17 12 Jan 2005

One of the best online shops.

  Kodan 19:42 12 Jan 2005

I had a problem.

I ordered a DVD drive from them, a black floppy disc drive, and a black front panel for the dvd drive.

The floppy drive was crammed into a box with the DVD, thus bowing the DVD case, and buckling the floppy drive casing so badly that the case fouled the internal mechanisms. I had to bend it back with a stiff kitchen knife - but it has worked well since.

The new front panel for the DVD drive had no instructions, and as a result I (perhaps stupidly) stripped some gears while trying to remove the old cream front panel. The drive works, but I use my older DVD more as the "blackened" drive Overclockers sent me makes an alarming grinding noise when opening and closing.

I contacted them 2 or 3 times, but got no response from OCers...

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