How do I get a responsible reaction from PC World

  chapeau 15:02 24 Feb 2004

Last October 2003 my granddaughter bought a EI System 4406 from PC World. From the outset it has been a problem, it often will not eject CD's, and it often just hangs and there is no way to switch it off other than let the battery run down.

PC World has proved totally unhelpful, in effect refusing to do anything. There only advise has been to fully reformat the whole system. This is after a series of telephone complaints to them.

They refuse to collect it for repair, the local branch, Bath, just gives her a phone number and then she reaaches another stone wall.

Please some advice, as to how to get at them

  GANDALF <|:-)> 15:40 24 Feb 2004

Can she take it in personally? I've always found them to be helpful in situ. Failing that a call to PC servicecall might elicit a better here={4BA03055-0DC7-45D2-B3AB-28DF18246374}


  igk 16:27 24 Feb 2004

Take it back to the store and start raising your voice and talk loudly!! They hate that and will soon get the message,thats what it took at the Charlton branch to get some action.

  Forum Editor 19:00 24 Feb 2004

to raise your voice - this sounds like a straightforward case of a faulty machine. Under the current consumer legislation if a computer develops a hardware fault within six months of the date of purchase it will be deemed to have been faulty when it was sold, and PC World have the option to effect a repair "within a reasonable time" or replace the machine.

Almost certainly they'll opt for the repair route, and here's where your granddaughter will need to be on the ball. Ask here to make a note of the date that she parts with the machine ( I agree with GANDALF <|:-)> that it would be best to take the machine back personally), tell her to make sure to get the name of the person she sees, and tell her to make it clear that she knows her rights. From your description of the symptoms it may well be the case that the operating system should be reinstalled, but there's no knowing until it's inspected by PC World.

Keep us in touch with this - and don't hesitate to post again if your granddaughter needs a bit of moral support. She's within her rights to expect a repair if there's a hardware fault - software problems that arguably may have been caused by alterations to settings and/or configurations are always a bit of a tricky area, but let's not jump the fences until we come to them.

  Q-Bie 22:16 24 Feb 2004

Providing the store is not too busy, if they do need to fit a new drive into the PC, it will normally be within 2-3 days of the part being booked with the in-store repair centre, as we don't fit them ourselves, we have to phone PC Servicecall to send an engineer out to the store, the same as the customer does (We don't keep spare parts in store).
Oh, and she will get a dated receipt if she leaves the PC in-store.

On the note of raising your voice to staff, don't take this the wrong way, but if you came my store and started raising your voice at me, I'd be inclined to refuse to serve you at all. Remember, we're just people too..!

  Stormpool 11:27 25 Feb 2004

Laptop's can usually be shut off if need be, by holding in the power button for 5-10seconds.

To prove the cdrom drive is fault, test it in the bios.

To do this, turn on laptop, tap f2 over and over immediately until you get the a grey bios screen.

Test cd drive eject with a cd, until you can replicate the problem, if it doesn't - then maybe it is a software problem.

If it has trouble ejected in bios, then advise them of this, as a reload of windows is no good to resolve this and requires the drive to be replaced.

The shutdown issue could just be background software, try disabled background start up apps

Start - Run - msconfig - <tab> startup - click disable all.

Ok - yes to restart - then test shutdown again.

If it works, then you know it was one of those apps.

Hope this helps.

  Stormpool 11:28 25 Feb 2004

Mistake, read that often hangs.. as hangs on shutting down.

Ignore my mention about background programs - although they could still affect it, there are other things that could too - inc. H/W fault possibilities.

  ddd3 17:14 25 Feb 2004

So there's no 'reset' button, or it doesn't work? And closing the lid doesn't shut it down, or the problem's still there when you restart?

  chapeau 17:23 25 Feb 2004

Thankyou for your comment
1 No there is no reset button, and holding the normal on/off button for ever has no effect.
2 When ythis happens closing the lid has no effect, when you open the frozen screen is still there.
3 the only solution seems to be to let the battery run down, there is no way to remove the battery, then it starts alright.

The efffect is random might go for hours, even a couple of days before freezing, you think it is ok then it does it again.

  ddd3 17:49 25 Feb 2004

That sounds a lot more like software than hardware, although you can never be certain with a portable, loose wires can move... Is there any one thing that your granddaughter can recall doing just before it seizes?

FE's right, if they won't pick it up, one, or preferably both, of you will have to take it back. Probably a full reload will fix the problem, but in a new machine you shouldn't have to do that (And if you did they may decide to blame you if it doesn't fix it!), so I'm afraid a return journey is on the cards.

If you can get it down there while it's frozen that would be good, but if not it's still not of merchantable quality, and it's up to them to put it right.

  ddd3 17:57 25 Feb 2004

I was just reviewing my reply and I realized that I missed something. There should be a hardware method of turning off the power somewhere. Whether there's a connection with the freezing problem or not, that, at least, sounds like hardware, unless portables have moved on a lot since I got mine.

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