How do I force my ISP to release me

  j3nks 20:52 27 Feb 2006

I'm currently with E7even who's servic has just dropped through the floor (when I say just read 28th Dec when it started) my connection has rarely been of an expected broadband connection. Prior to the 28th was often getting a full 2mb connection as only 300 meters from the exchange. Since the 28th Dec I'm luckt if I get .5 MB usualy more like my old dialup connection. Today has seen it peak at 40KB/s and currently 10KB/s!

They do not respond to support requests only sending an auto response email or a standard email response basicaly saying it must be your fault and many people are entering their passwords incorrectly.

After 10 weeks I have finaly had enough and would like to know how I can get my MAC code from then so I can go somewhere else. Forgot to say I requested my MAC 2 weeks ago with no response and as some people have been waiting up to 8 weeks for theirs it could be some time.

Have tried OFCOM but they dont seem to have any powers and give the ISP 12 weeks to improve their service! 12 WEEKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Any advice as to who I can contact or courses of action I can take that will get E7even to let me go


  lixdexik 21:57 27 Feb 2006

that usually gets you worked for a friend of mine when he tried to get away from his ISP. as soon as the money stopped they got in touch PDQ.

Cheers Lixdexik.

  Fingees 22:57 27 Feb 2006

Beware about not paying the bill.

You could get a county court judgment against you before you know it.

  j3nks 23:01 27 Feb 2006

Unfortunatley another 6 months to go and dont want to wait that long

  rdave13 23:07 27 Feb 2006

Have you contacted them by phone? 0870 224 5126

  rdave13 23:09 27 Feb 2006
  MidgetMan 08:16 28 Feb 2006

You could get a county court judgment against you before you know it.

Absolute tosh.

  Stuartli 10:33 28 Feb 2006

If you stop a direct debit without informing the recipient or fail to pay a bill, then you have broken the contract and are liable not only to have to meet the missing payments but possibly also recovery costs.

  j3nks 10:44 28 Feb 2006

Just to clear it up I have paid 12 months in advance so not only do I not want to get a bad credit rating but they already have my money.
Little point in trying to contact them by phone as it's a premium rate number and they dont answer the phone anyway you just get an option for an answer phone. They pay as much attention to this as emails. I think the record from the ADSL guide forums is waiting for 4 hours while being charged 75p/ min so not a ceap option.

  Stuartli 11:06 28 Feb 2006

Try your local Trading Standards department - a number of them have been involved with such cases quite successfully if I remember correctly.

The basis is probably that the ISP has broken its contract by not providing the level of service expected.

That was the argument I used against Tiscali towards the end of last year although, because it eventually resolved my problem, I didn't use the MAC Code.

  MidgetMan 11:08 28 Feb 2006

yes you are corrct in that, what I was pointing out is that you will not get a ccj "before you know it", it is that kind of rubbish being spouted that annoys me and scares other people, j3nks will not get a bad credit rating as the isp's do not register the payments with either experian or eqaufax as it is a monthly subscription and not a debt, county court proceedings cannot be just taken out like that, there is a strict timnetable of events to take place before even an application can made.

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