How can service be this bad

  Coaster3 13:49 21 Apr 2003

yet the firm survives?

I sent two items back to Ebuyer on 2nd April. A CD Burner whose drawer refused to open and five sticks of memory which did not work.

To date, both items are listed as not 'received'. An 'enote' posted on the 16th to be dealt with by someone named Steve and asking for an urgent reply as the items were sent by Special Delivery appears to have been totally ignored.

What on earth are Ebuyer playing at?

  -pops- 14:44 21 Apr 2003

The "We are Listening - ebuyer support" thread celebrates it first birthday this week click here

I wonder, have ebuyer ever listened to anything said about them?

Where is Kevin Stone or his successor, who was supposed to be listening?


  Coaster3 15:31 21 Apr 2003

Many thanks. I have put a reference on that thread referring them to this thread so they can now contact me by email.

I won't hold my breath!

  Coaster3 10:23 22 Apr 2003

I had a reply to my enote message this morning:

'Dear Bob, We have booked in the memory however the cd writer has not yet been booked in to the system. This does not mean we are not in receipt of it. These items will be processed as soon as possible.'

The CD writer was sent at the same time as the memory on 2nd April and it hasn't yet been booked in!!!

  -pops- 12:04 22 Apr 2003

The power of PCA????

  barrie_g 13:16 22 Apr 2003

So they are Listening their just not Talking;-))

  Xevious 14:44 22 Apr 2003

another great example of the service...
(placing this here in case they do follow Coaster3's link...)
I contacted Ebuyer about 2 months ago, enquiring about a motherboard I sent back to them, as the clip holding the heat sink onto the processor had broken off, thereby frying the processor. Their returns dept ended up replacing the processor but told me that the motherboard issue is not covered by the manufacturer's warranty!!! Now if you ask me, that's passing the buck. It is quite clear that the clip broke WITHOUT my help. Strange how they replaced the processor, but refuse to do anything about the mobo? After numerous e-mails between them and me, Kevin Stone eventually supplied me with Ebuyer's Managing Director's details, to whom I promptly wrote a letter. And guess what? I have had no reply whatsoever. Don't even know if the envelope has been opened and the letter read...
I do support what everyone else has been saying, their prices certainly are the best, and no problems with the delivery, but as for the returns... I have spent in excess of £6000,00 over the last year, and intend spending more, but if all warranty issues get returned with this attitude, maybe I should go elsewhere...

  Coaster3 17:08 22 Apr 2003

I bought 3 Canon printers from Ebuyer and one stopped working within about three months.

Ebuyer simply refered me to Canon and refused to discuss the matter any further.

  Coaster3 22:15 23 Apr 2003

but I have just checked my Ebuyer account and both items are still listed as 'not yet received.'


  Coaster3 12:11 29 Apr 2003

The replacement burner arrived yesterday morning. It took 26 days altogether. Still not sure what has happened about the memory sticks.

  Coaster3 13:01 04 May 2003

Just had my Visa bill and discovered that I have had a refund for one of the memory sticks. Wonder what happened to the other four?

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