How can I STOP telephone sales calls

  keewaa 18:41 08 Jun 2006

I get about 5 or 6 of these a week and they are all International calls. My number must have found it's way onto one of these database lists, similar to spam.

I was going to go onto the Telephone Preference Service, but have been informed that the TPS service is only relevant for companies within the UK who must act under UK law.

Unfortunately my search for one soltion (the fun one) has been brought to an abrupt end by someone who I guess feels companies have the right to do this. Instead I should allow my growing frustration to simmer away every time I have to answer one of these calls.

So the fun way isn't seen as appropriate by certain people on this forum, then maybe they could direct me to an effective solution that cuts out these calls. The TPS service would have been a good solution but I think it is likely that these companies have caught onto the fact that by switching thier systems to cheap IP international call systems, they can effective get around the UK law.

It is illegal for them to do this under UK law, but they do, so how can I stop the calls?

  Jimmy14 18:48 08 Jun 2006

What phone service provider are you with?

  Arnie 18:58 08 Jun 2006

Are all these unwanted calls that you receive via a business line?

Even before I registered for the TPS, I think I received around at most, a couple of calls in a year.
I am on a domestic line.

I must admit though, some of the postings you received were becoming rather acrimonious.

I can see how world wars are started. (:0)

  Forum Editor 18:58 08 Jun 2006

Illegal for them to do what?

Under UK law,telephone cold-callers must:-

1. Give the identity of the company or business on whose behalf they are calling.

2. Make their business purpose clear.

You can stop calls which originate in the UK by registering with the Telephone Preference Service. Otherwise you can simply take the advice I gave you in your earlier thread, and just put the phone down. It works surprisingly well.

  keewaa 19:04 08 Jun 2006

Jimmy .. the TPS service is independent of the service provider (even though it doesn't work)

It's a domestic line.

It used to be maybe 1 a month but have increased alot in the last few months.

I can just see a situation in a few years where it becomes a regular experience to have 20 or 30 calls a day as extremely cheap and free telecoms becomes standard.

I just don't buy the argument that I should have to sit here and endure it, and yes I will go onto TPS, but most of the calls I get show up as international on the caller display, so I doubt it will have much effect.

  keewaa 19:05 08 Jun 2006

FE .. once I register for TPS it then becomes illegal for companies in the UK under UK law to ring me in this way.... unfortunately the loophole is that they can just set up a cheap international IP call system to get around it!

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:12 08 Jun 2006

Just put the phone down. 5 or 6 calls a week = 50 seconds a week out of your alloted time on earth. Not a lot really. There is nothing you can do to stop them apart from put a block on the line (BT) that will not allow withheld numbers to be connected.


  Forum Editor 19:28 08 Jun 2006

I wasn't sure what it was you were calling illegal. Some people think that it's illegal for UK companies to cold-call consumers, but it's not - unless as you say, you've registered with the TPS.

  keewaa 19:31 08 Jun 2006

Unfortunately we're all a bit different in this world. What annoys one person doesn't annoy another. This annoys me !

A block on withheld numbers would have worked, unfortunately one person who calls me has a withheld number and I also get other real international calls.

  The Spires 19:37 08 Jun 2006

If I don't feel inclined to answer the phone I let the answering machine do it, I can here who is ringing anyway if I'm in.

  Starfox 19:45 08 Jun 2006

Is just to politely tell them that I never make purchases on the telephone or at the doorstep. Usually works and nobody gets upset.

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