How about a no cd or dvd edition of the Magazine

  howard64 17:32 17 Mar 2007

My subscription to the dvd edition has just finished. Of the last 12 editions I have looked at maybe 2 or 3 of the disks and not used anything from them. As a pensioner with the rates going up and no extra coming in I am looking to reduce costs. So how about a no cd or dvd edition of the Magazine at a lower price. Other than that I will not be renewing my subscription.

  tamc98 18:07 17 Mar 2007

Or .... have the disk available for download. I get tired of magazines and news papers giving me discs that only end up as landfill.

  ulrich 18:20 17 Mar 2007

But I agree. I buy PCA but I rarely if ever instal any of the programmes. I also get gamer mags where I do instal patches or drivers.

  Forum Editor 18:22 17 Mar 2007

but there's been a thread running in Speakers Corner for a week on this subject.

click here

  howard64 20:01 17 Mar 2007

sorry china I do not normally look in speakers corner.

  Mike D 12:20 19 Mar 2007

Local Tesco always has most magazines with no cover disks (I don't think they're supposed to be like that!)


  simonjary 14:25 19 Mar 2007

The money saved by supplying magazines without discs would be minimal (and offset by having to print new covers, etc) so the price of the magazine wouldn't drop by more than 25p. The initial cost of buying the software is low, when divided by the number of magazines printed and distributed.

Most publishers, therefore, stick with offering a disc of one sort or other to all newsstand buyers and subscribers.

Many people do not want or need the software but our response rate demonstrates that tens of thousands do activate the software on the discs.

Other publishers have experimented with disc-less magazines, but none has continued without them afterwards.

  sunny staines 15:35 19 Mar 2007

why not scrap the cd/dvd's altogether for 3 months to see what feedback you get. i am sure a very large percent of readers ditch them straight away.

  asrobs 16:04 20 Mar 2007

Hi, I think the us hassle to upgrade to the DVD edition and I feel that there are more and more downloads on the DVD and less on the CD.

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