Hotmail upgrade timetable

  Never again 22:42 28 Aug 2004


I'm fed up waiting for my hotmail to be upgraded.

Does anyone know if there is a timetable published anywhere?

  originalmiscellany 08:45 29 Aug 2004

been upgraded to 2 gig limit as I'm a paid member, and my parents and my other hotmail have increased to 200 megs. It appears that you're unfortunate/it is imminent in upgrading...

  mbp 19:47 01 Sep 2004

I have had no less than 4 emails from the MSN team telling me about their wonderful FREE UPGRADES. After searching around, I found that there are just no links available to download the latest offers. There are links for their Paid programs though.

I suppose, if I want to use the FREE Hotmail service, I will have to patiently wait till all the Paying Customers have registered before my place in the queue will come up for downloading. In the meantime, I will wait to see what facilities are available in Gmail.

In fact, if you are impatient, just download Mozilla Thunderbird plus Firefox. You will more than likely find that you get more personal satisfaction with Mozilla. So much so that I am not even bothered to discover how much web mail space is available in Thunderbird. I just use it happily. Anyone happen to know the limitations?

  Never again 07:49 02 Sep 2004

I feel like a child waiting for christmas.

I use my hotmail for "work" contacts and have spent the last month struggling with my 2mb free inbox whilst on holiday - it would involve a lot of hassle to change to gmail, but I'm considering it seriously.

  wilf3102 09:01 02 Sep 2004

My hotmail inbox is still struggling with a 2mb limit!!

I cant wait for the time to come, when i can stop worrying that some idiot friend of mine will send a 1.9 Mb file !!!!!

Please Hotmail - Hurry !!!!!!!!

  wilf3102 09:05 02 Sep 2004

My Sent Items accounts for most of my Usage !!!

Why cant Hotmail just impose the inbox with the Storage Limit.

PLease hurry - I want 200 Meg !!!!!!!!!

  originalmiscellany 09:41 02 Sep 2004

you could always get a new account in the short term, i think that all new accounts have the 200 meg capacity, although I am aware of the limitations of this.

  sneakerman 16:05 02 Sep 2004

My main (longstanding/free) hotmail account has been upgraded but my other 2 haven't as yet.

Have a look at click here

  Never again 07:45 18 Sep 2004

At last - just been done in the last 12 hours.

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