Hotmail - 250Mb storage

  anchor 09:19 11 Aug 2004

I very rarely use Hotmail, but received this message from them a week ago:

"As a valued MSN Hotmail Member, you will receive your storage upgrade automatically in the coming days. Over the month of August we will upgrade the storage capacity of your e-mail account to 250 MB - that's 125 times your current storage limit! We will also increase your attachment size from 1MB to 10MB. This means you will be able to store and attach more than ever and it's free!".

I thought this was a paid for service, but they say "its free". Has anyone else had this news, or is there a catch?.

  leo49 10:23 11 Aug 2004

I got one too - apparently it's going to be happening. If you log in to Hotmail there's a link to upcoming changes. The free service gets what you detailed - the paid-for "Plus" service will have 2gb storage and the ability to send 20mb attachments.

  wee eddie 19:10 11 Aug 2004

Thats your answer!

  [email protected] 20:21 11 Aug 2004

wee eddie is right. It is Microsoft´s response to the upcoming G-Mail service from Google that gives users 1GB of free e-mail storage.

  mbp 21:39 11 Aug 2004

MSN Hotmail originally only offered 2 MB for you Inbox, and max of 1 MB attachments for your email. This was very restrictive especially if you get lots of emails and you send and recieve internet photos, and you are on holiday and cannot empty your mailbox. As a consequence, many people switched to Yahoo mail who were much more generous and provided for more flexibility. Now Gmail is rumoured to offer 1 or 2 GB mail space so that you do not need to delete any mail and can go back to old mail by their search methods. I believe that all this mail is for your email server. I do not believe that you can utilize this space for web storage, photo albums, or Briefcase. It is web space for your mail server ONLY! Please correct me if I am wrong!

BTYahooBB however offers free,100 MB Web Space for Web Photo Albums, and Briefcase.(They may have changed the conditions for Briefcase, I'm not sure!) This seems like a useful free Web space for the average home user. You can put on a fairly decent 2 or 3, Web Photo Albums for that amount of space,free, and also make some files available to colleagues or college friends. However you are already paying a premium price for the BTYahooBB service. Extra Web space is reasonably price at the moment.

  Charence 01:07 12 Aug 2004

I remember reading on a website that the storage upgrade was meant to happy in July, but its August now so when's it going to happen?

mbp - Gmail's 1Gb space is for E-mails only. There aren't any options for file storage (if there are, I haven't found the buttons yet!)

anchor - Currently the maximum inbox size for Hotmail (paid) is 100Mb. All of Hotmail's competitors have got free storage space that dwarfs Hotmail's 2Mb. Yahoo offer 100Mb free, Gmail 1Gb free and Lycos 10Mb free. Hotmail is increasing its storage to catch up with the competition.


  chrishillcoat 14:18 12 Aug 2004

GMail does offer 1GB storage for e-mail, but you can't host a website from it, for example. What you can do, given a fast connection at both ends, is send yourself a file (eg. from home to work) and pick it up again. This would become very handy if you were away from home for a long time and didn't want to carry around CD-Rs of stuff all the time.


  mbp 14:40 12 Aug 2004

If both you and your recipient have Gmail, it means that you can send a complete Photo Album as an email instead of posting it on the Web? Not as an attachment but in the body of the text? How do we do this?

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