Hotel Rip offs

  rupie 01:22 15 Feb 2007

Mos people pay about £18 per month for broad band access. Go into a hotel to stay and work and why should we pay this for 12hrs! We are also charged prices like £3 per hour or £25 per day. Not only is this a rip off but quite ofern the service is rubbish and not Everyone can get on line. British Business customers are happy to pay this because it does not come out of their personal pockets, but expences. LOts of hotels in Europe are free for internet; this shows yet another British rip off. Help stop this..

  Kate B 01:32 15 Feb 2007

Because that's how hotels make their money. I'm afraid you'll have to get over it. Or use an internet cafe.

I don't think there are many hotels that supply free internet access. I've stayed in hotels from five-star palaces to basic backpacker places and I have never had free internet access in any of them. I'd be interested to hear of any that do offer free access.

And why shouldn't they charge you for a service they provide? It costs a hotel a lot of money to run a network and provide internet access to its guests. You wouldn't expect a hotel to feed you for free or to put you up for free - why should anything else be free at a hotel?

  rupie 01:41 15 Feb 2007

Interesting Kate,
I have stayed In amny hotels all around the world from 5 star to rubbish, as you and I am sorry buy UK hotels are the ones that rip you off. Most Eurpeon hotels are free to access the internet in the lobby, and most UK hotels are £25. I do not mind an extra charge but I do not like to be ripped off. We all know how much a didicated 8mb pipe costs (which the hotel uses 24/7 for them selves) and this is nothing compared to 1000 guests logging on to £3 per hour to collect nothing more than e mails.

  georgemac © 08:36 15 Feb 2007

I have to agree with rupie here, the hotel will already have a network set up and it does not cost much to provide wi fi access. I don't mind paying, but I too think the costs are excessive when you compare them with costs in the rest of the world.

  €dstowe 11:02 15 Feb 2007

The reason that hotels charge such high rates for Internet access is the same reason that they charge £100 for a bottle of booze which might cost £2-99 in Tesco - because they can.

A hotel is pretty much a captive market and remember the majority of hotels rely almost totally on business users, not for families of mum, dad and 2.4 children. For the business user, a few quid for Internet access is a small price to pay for the potential business that might be generated as a result of their staying in the hotel so they pay it.

If people didn't use the service, the hotels would lower the prices, simple as that.

  €dstowe 11:07 15 Feb 2007

Should have added that the reason overseas hotels don't charge such high rates is most likely because their customers have already refused to be overcharged. If there weren't so many "sit back and moan" and more "do something about it" people around in this country, perhaps we wouldn't be continually complaining about rip-off Britain.

  Kate B 11:40 15 Feb 2007

If you don't like what a hotel charges, go around the corner to the nearest internet cafe. Charges can be high but get over it - hotels are businesses and are entitled to charge anything they like for a service. If their market will largely bear the rate they charge, then that's what they'll charge.

  bremner 12:08 15 Feb 2007

In my experiences free internet access is pretty widespread across the US probably 80/20, Europe is probably 50/50 and the UK you normally pay, although there are exceptions.

One thing worth remembering about the connections in most hotels - they are on the same subnet. If you are relying on the Windows XP firewall, by default, it does not block access from computers on the same subnet.

  Kate B 12:23 15 Feb 2007

I've never found free internet access in a US hotel. I've usually paid around $10 a day, which is more than reasonable for 24 hours, given that it's usually around £1 an hour in internet cafes pretty much anywhere in the world.

I've also never found free internet access anywhere in Asia.

  bremner 14:29 15 Feb 2007

In the last two yearsI have had free access in three hotels in Salt Lake City, hotels in San Francisco, LA, Orlando, Boston, Monterey, New York and in a few weeks I am off to Atlanta and that is free. The only place I have paid was another in San Francisco.

San Francisco Union Square has a free hotspot.

  anchor 16:08 15 Feb 2007

Welcome to rip off Britain!.

Of course they charge what they can get away with, their prices plainly illustrate that.

I can stay in a motel in Cannes, on the French Riviera, for less than Travel Lodges or Travel Inns, in very ordinary UK towns.

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