horrible experience with pc world

  kittenjane 14:14 27 Sep 2008

I bought an advent laptop in st Helens, advent 5303, i found the power supply did not work when i got home, so my friend and I had to drive back to st. Helens.

finally i got a laptop with its power supply working, but there is a bright pixel, i went back for an exchange in garston. a guy attended me, he tried to tap the pixel away, and issued me an exchange, and allowed me to test the laptop in store by myself, and I found one dead pixel on the screen, since I was in the store, and I thought that I might just exchange for a good screen here, rather than coming back home and regret. So i asked for an exchange, very unwillingly, he exchanged for me. So far, 3 laptops, they are all faulty, and the first one is even not usable as the power supply does not work!!!! he stopped me from testing the 4th laptop in store! Saying that I can’t test it here, and he is busy, and if i want that i can return it to other stores!

So to this guy, his 5 mins on exchanging a laptop is more valuable than 2 hours driving from Liverpool to St. Helens or 1 hour of travelling between my flat to pc world garston!!!! If the quality of the laptops were good enough, i certainly wouldn’t want to bother test it in the store!

i then went out to test it outside of pc world, kneeling on the floor, i moved back in later as I thought people might think that i am strange! Still this memory has left me really really bad experience and I certainly won’t use PC world ever ever again.

  PalaeoBill 14:45 27 Sep 2008

As you have just discovered, it is quite common for laptop screens to have a dropped pixel or two. It is not really PC World's fault (I can't believe that I am defending them). Tapping them can sometimes free them if they are just stuck rather than having a dead transistor.
Some TFT manufacturers do operate a zero tolerance on dropped pixels now, but many do not.
It is unfortunate that you got a duff power supply 1st time, but I think they have been pretty reasonable with you.

  kittenjane 14:49 27 Sep 2008

you know that i had to kneel down on the floor outside of the pc world, opened the box, and tried to switch on the laptop, i wonder if other people would consider my behaviour to be strange. but i certainly do not want to get another faulty laptop and then have to spend hours again on travelling to pc world store!!!

  kittenjane 14:52 27 Sep 2008

to PalaeoBill

i am not unhappy about the dead pixel, i am unhappy about the fact that that guy did not allow me to test the laptop in the store. Of course my main reason of testing the laptop is to avoid the power supply is wrong again you see.

  kittenjane 15:01 27 Sep 2008

also you see there are more reasons behind why i needed to exchange the stuck pixel one, it is greeny shinny and when you play video, it also flashes. That guy's attitude was really bad.

when he was trying to stop me from examing the laptop in the store, what he said is ‘you can not test is here’, I said ‘ but i need to know if it works or not, can i test it here’, he said ‘you can test it at home, i am so busy, it is one year warranty, you could bring it back if you do not like?’, ‘aren’t there any other pc World store near to you’ I replied ‘this is the nearest to me, no store in Liverpool city center, you see’ ‘then i have to come back by bus for 20 mins’, actually it took me 20 mins to come by bus, it actually took me more than one hour in total!

I think if at first I did not have the broken power supply, or if it was a dead pixel, i might have tolerated everything though. Still I do not think that you would think PC world is reasonable with me. I should be able to test the laptop in store, and if there is any stuck/dead pixel policy they should have made it aware to me as well..

  kittenjane 15:23 27 Sep 2008

also, my permission should have asked and an explanation shoudl have been given on why he would have tapped the screen. it did not go away after his tapping.

that is for his own protection as well, it might have caused more stuck pixels, and he might have taken the responsibilities, as at that time the laptop was still technically mine.

  Forum Editor 15:27 27 Sep 2008

for laptops to have dead pixels as TFT manufacturing processes have improved. I've bought three or four laptops from PC World over the past nine months or so and none of them had any display problems. If I bought a new machine that had a bright green faulty pixel which flashed when I ran a video it would go straight back to the shop the next day, I simply can't work for very long on a screen with any faults.

I think it's perfectly reasonable to want to test a laptop in-store, and in my view it's a test that should be run automatically on all laptops by PC World staff.

  Forum Editor 15:29 27 Sep 2008

with a cotton bud will sometimes get it working, but I've never done it by tapping.

  PalaeoBill 18:17 27 Sep 2008

Kittenjane mailed me offlist with a little more detail and it would appear she really did have a horrible time. I do sympathize and on reflection I retract my statement about reasonable behaviour.

In my defence, I am sat here typing on a Dell D505 with 3 dropped pixed (dead rather than green).

I hope you get the problem resolved.

  GaT7 20:19 27 Sep 2008

kittenjane, sorry to hear you were treated badly.

A little off topic, but why did you choose an Advent? I'm a bit of an obsessive moneysaver, but wouldn't go for that particular brand unless it was considerably cheaper than any other.

Is this click here the one you went for? G

  kittenjane 20:41 27 Sep 2008

yup you are right, it is the one i got.
basically, i broke my old hp laptop, my old one was a duocore processor and 2gb memory, and that advent laptop was the cheapest i could get for that setting. i wouldn't be able to get used to a lower setting, and my friend kind was pushing me to make that decison faster as well.
Also this laptop has a brand name advent on, but it is just an assembly of other brands’ products, it is a intel centrino, so its wireless adaptor is intel, its processors are intel, its display adaptor is intel, and its Ethernet adaptor is Realtek. And its diskdriver is Toshiba... the other spare parts might not be of that great makers. But those stuff i mentioned actually determine the inter quality of a laptop. When i buy clothes, I go for maker and fashion; when buying laptops, I guess I better consider my pocket and the quality. The LCD screen is really crap though. I might not have gone for it if I knew that i would have got into that much trouble with it though.
I also thought that advent does refurbished laptops, and I should support that company coz it saves environment by reusing/ recycling those electronically spare parts... let’s just hope this laptop would stay okay for a couple of years!

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