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  exprog 18:52 17 Feb 2005


I am looking to change my ISP to Homecall for broadband and telephone. Their package, including unlimited telephone calls, is just 24.99 per month.
Do any members have experience of either their broadband or telephone package.
I am interested in speed, uptime and customer service.
Any comments, good or bad, would be welcome

  harps1h 22:52 17 Feb 2005

what speed are you getting at that price?

  walesrob 00:10 18 Feb 2005

Well, I used the homecall service for just a few months, but decided to return to BT. However, I have never come across such an incompetent company. After closure of my account with Homecall, they sent me bills for a service I was no longer using, they called me daily using an automated system to remind me to pay the monthly line rental which I had cancelled months earlier.

Needless to say, calls to the customer services was an excercise in timewasting. Each time they promised it would be sorted, and it wasnt. I sent them 3 Recorded Delivery letters, emailed 10 times, called umpteen times.

In the end, I told them that unless the calls/letters stopped, I would report them to OFTEL. So far so good.

I'm sure mine is a one-off case, but Homecall get my vote for Britains most incompetent trader, and they seriuosly need to get themselves sorted out.

  SPEEDO JR 10:30 18 Feb 2005

I was looking at this Homecall 512kbs unlimited broadband package plus 24/7 local and national phonecalls for £24.99 per month. Of course you have your £10.50 per month BT line rental on top of that or £9.99 per month if Homecall maintain your line.
Comparing the price per annum, using BT line rental (Homecall £425.88) against equivalent packages from (Talktalk £455.76) (BT £605.88) (Tiscali £461.76) they look competitive.
I haven't a clue what their service is like, I'm in the same boat as exprog. Be interesting to know why walesrob left Homecall to go back to BT.

  alpeshxp 16:53 18 Feb 2005

They are doing some very good talk and surf bundle packages. Im on Talk3 with 1mb broadband for £19.99 (intro offer I negotiated myself), definitely worth a try. You are better off calling them and negotiating a deal by price matching ie can you guys beat offer from Homecall and see what they say, good luck.

  alpeshxp 16:54 18 Feb 2005

Sorry that should read Try Talk Talk...

  EdFrench 20:08 04 Aug 2005

What Walesrob said!

In my opinion they are a bunch of cowboys.
I know three people who took up the 2 meg offer. with download speeds of 2 KBPS (Constant) they are not happy campers.
Sales and support is diabolical. Lies, brush offs et al.
I have just been told that my line will not support the 2 meg service and was offered 512!
Funny that, I have had 2 meg for ages with BT and Wanadoo.
I have cancelled my order today. They waited over 25 days before telling me about my line and only after I phoned them.
They DID say that I could support 2 meg at the point of sale call.
Caldwell communications should be reported to OFCOM right away. (I know of at least two people who are doing just that.
Stay away from Homecall.

  palinka 16:37 06 Aug 2005

a friend of mine was with Pipex, but decided Homecall's package of BB and free calls was a better deal. He cancelled his Pipex coonection, then went away for 2 weeks believing his Homecall package would be up and running on his return. It wasn't; in fact homecall eventually said it would take 20days more to action his connection. A total of 6 or 7 weeks in all from time he first ordered. No idea whether he's finding it OK, but just adding this bit of info to the debate.

  Blubottle 19:38 11 Aug 2005

I have had the Homecall 512k BB/phone package since January 05 (£24.99).All seemed ok but I did get a few disconnections in the early stages, I then began to notice that at times and when visiting websites or doing online banking things seemed a bit slow for BB, it was most noticable with emails. Anyway this last week all went pear shaped and I ended up installing a ghost backup from my 2nd drive just to get internet access because Homecall would not work at all.
This worked fine to a point but became so slow it was getting silly. the upshot is that they told me to do five bandwidth tests over 24 hrs using a test site of their choice sending them the results I have done this , one of the speeds came back at 4k, the highest 240k, the rest! only one other reached treble figures, 118.70 kbps
Lets see how they handle this one.. Watch this space

  Stuartli 21:29 11 Aug 2005

Tiscali does free phone calls and 1MB broadband for £19.99:

click here

  Blubottle 09:05 13 Aug 2005

Anyone whant to check th BB bandwidth :-click here. this gives bandwidth speed and ref numbers, Homecall use it. Another one is Broadbandchoices.co.uk/speed-test.
Thanks for the tiscali link Stuartli.

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