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  Bucko3 12:09 29 Jun 2003

Are there any good 'national' chains who would come and set up a home network. Yellow pages show a lot of one man bands, and you have no idea of knowing who or what they are like. Everything I want should be achievable, a wireless LAN with 2 desktops, a notebook, 2 printers, shared used of my cable broadband connection, individual e-mail addresses, some form of secvurity so my 15 yr old isn't surfing the wrong sites at 3am, and compatability with my bluetooth PDA, but I haven't get the time or, to be honest, the ability to do it myself. When I speak to the PC suppliers, they'll happily sell the hardware. I can't believe there isn't a market for installating this kind of thing - anyone any ideas?

  jackieuk 12:48 29 Jun 2003

you could have a look at click here they set up networks

  somar 08:43 06 Jul 2003

Why not try to set up all that by yourself should be fun and you will learn a lot from it.

  joe1234738 16:16 06 Jul 2003

I agree with somar, you could try to set up network by yourself and learn great deal out of that experience.

  Bucko3 16:43 06 Jul 2003

Thanks, but I don't have the time or the skills to do it myself. Jackie's suggestion didn't reply to my e-mail - anyone else any recommendations?

  woody 00:05 07 Jul 2003

The cost would not be cheap.

If you do find someone to do it they will also charge over the top for hardware.

There are lots of people on this site that will help you for free.

  rabadubdub 18:52 07 Jul 2003

It strikes me you would get better response on the Helproom forum. Lots moretech knowledge usually present there.

Regards, Rab.

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