Home Insurance (Not Barclays)

  [email protected] 15:55 10 Apr 2007

We have been insured for two half years with Barclays & had no claims or any payment issues but in the last two months due to us transfering monies & been to careful we forgot about the insurance so for the last two months we didnt have enough money in the account & although they did eventually get there money for both months i go a letter of them today stating that they have canceled my Home Insurance & i have to pay a £15.50 admin charge,SO i called them & explained our circumstances & the woman on the phone put me on hold & came back & informed me that they can still insure me BUT i have to pay the FULL year upfront or they wont insure me..!!! WHAT
ive never claimed on any of my insurances & it makes me feel like a criminal....
CAN ANYONE SUGGEST ANOTHER COMPANY PLEASE.ill do no other buisiness with them EVER...

  Kate B 15:58 10 Apr 2007

Annoying, but ultimately it's your responsibility for making sure the premiums get paid.

Have a look at click here

  [email protected] 16:13 10 Apr 2007

"KateB" Many thankx :-)

  [email protected] 16:29 10 Apr 2007

IVe just ued that link you posted KateB & i just cant understand how companies can differ so much,the cheapest i got was £105.31 with CMSA & then it went right up to £657.24 with "More Than" (click here&#) just dont know how they can justify the differance...thankx Kateb great website & a lot of help

  Kate B 16:32 10 Apr 2007

It depends on so much - what kind of excess you're prepared to pay, where you live ... anyway, glad to have helped. It's an excellent site.

  spuds 17:37 10 Apr 2007

We have just returned to Barclays insurance services after 2 years absent. Their vehicle and house insurance met our needs. Next renewal, we may change again, so its best to shop around, possibly save money and not be loyal to just one provider.

Would mention that their vehicle insurance quotes, were very good this time. With discounts and cash-back offers, we did very well, better than expected.

Try click here for a quote.

  Ho-Lin-Sok 13:51 14 Apr 2007

If you buy cheap insurance then most likely you will not have accidental damage cover for your house and contents, also you will probably have a large excess and not a lot of cover. Really pointless having it. The other alternative can be true, SAGA offer all the bells and whistles but I was quoted nearly £400, eventually used Castlecover who found an AXA policy with full accidental damage on both house and contents as well as legal expense cover and home emergency cover, with only a £50 excess. The toilet stopped working last Saturday at lunchtime, by ten to four the plumber had come and fixed it - the cost, nothing. The whole insurance cost me just over £200. Well chuffed.

  [email protected] 14:57 14 Apr 2007

Ho-Lin-Sok a great many thanks for your reply HOWEVER ive noticed "SAGA" offer house insurance to the OVER 50's ONLY whereas i am mid 30's & the detail of of "CastleCover" is ridiculous everytime i try to click on the first page that comes up where u click it keeps saying ""we are soory but we are unable to offer you a quote online for this risk" oh right & what risk would that be "CastleCover" ive gone into detail a few times & the website is NOT user Freindly asuming that when the first question states that your building is showing no signs of subsidance you click the box to confirm it doesnt have well i clicked the boxes making me very insurable which i am but still got that damn message....rubbish website,no dissrespect to you at all "Ho-Lin-Sok" if fact i very much appreciate your time & help thankyou

  Forum Editor 15:00 14 Apr 2007

from Speakers Corner.

  Ho-Lin-Sok 15:11 14 Apr 2007

sorry you are having trouble, just tried it with no problems at all as a check. As it happens I am getting the over 50 rate so I guess it would not be suitable anyway. You have to fill in all 8 boxes.

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