Holly computers, any good?

  Kalitechnis 17:46 22 Jun 2004

Does anybody have any experience with Holly Computers? click here

Does anyone have a Holly Computer? If so, do you recommend them?

What are they like for quality of build/components, and also after-sales service?

I am considering buying a computer from them for my son. They seem to be pretty good and reasonably priced too.

The salesman I spoke to was also a systems designer.
They seem to be a low volume (as far as systems go) affair. But they also sell components for custom builders.

I would appreciate any information.


  Kalitechnis 17:56 22 Jun 2004

Also,I was told by the slaesman that I should go for the 128MB Chaintech NVIDIA® GeForce™ 6800 graphics card, which is just out (no other computer Cos that I can find, seem to be offering them.)

He said that it is considerably more powerful that the Radeon 9800 XT or Pro which I was considering, and being the latest technology, will outlast the Radeons. (And it only costs a few pounds more-it's not the Ultra/Pro!).

Does anyone concur with this?

again thanks for any advice,


  The Tick Tock Man 19:55 22 Jun 2004

Holly seem to offer decent computers (lots of customisation options) but unlike Mesh, Evesham etc I've no idea what the customer service is like.

  christmascracker 20:51 22 Jun 2004

Type holly into the search box on the left, brings up a number of previous threads

  Kalitechnis 21:55 22 Jun 2004

Not much to go on there, but thanks all the same, XmasCracker.


  The Tick Tock Man 00:54 23 Jun 2004

Cheers christmascracker, not much there as Kalitechnis says but what is said is quite encouraging.

  Kalitechnis 08:50 23 Jun 2004

The Tick Tock Man,

which model are you going for, and what do you think of the advice re graphics cards?

I've just seen a review of the Nvidia 6800 ultra versus the Radeon 800XT (I think it's called)in PC Pro magazine. They both leave the Radeon 9800 Pro in the shade-I mean way better. But the NV6800 (non-Ultra) is not reviewed, so is an unknown. I'm sure it'll be useful when the games developers finally make use of its capabilities and new technology, but that won't be for quite a while I reckon.


  The Tick Tock Man 02:22 24 Jun 2004

is definitely calling to me, the only thing that puts me off (a little) is the water cooling aspect as I have no previous experience of this (visions of a waterlogged PC!).

A mate of mine who spends far too much time looking at things like this recommends the new ATI card over the NVIDIA one because it runs a lot cooler, taking about half the power, and it is much slimmer, obscuring fewer PCI slots and improving the airflow inside the case.

People in the real world might not find these things too much of a problem! Also, the new ATI card hadn't yet gone on sale as far as I'm aware.

If you're after playing current games and future games at a reasonable speed I'd go with either the 6800 or the Radion 800XT over the current 9800 cards. Reviews I've seen of the NVIDIA card hail it as a major leap forward rather than the usual incremental improvement we've been used to with graphics cards of late. The non-Ultra version will still be worth getting I'm sure.

If Holly can offer you a good deal on it and the price is within your budget, I'd certainly go with one of the newer cards (I think the ATI is about a month or so away from going on sale which might influence your choice).

On the KA28S-W model for example, upgrading to the water-cooled NVIDIA 6800 is £146.21 extra whereas the similarly water-cooled Radion 9800 XT is £227.16 extra. Both are 256 meg cards.

If games aren't that important, I'd stick with the default selection. Myself, although buying a machine for business use, am tempted by one of the new cards (I've only got an old 32meg card and can't play many modern games at all).

  Kalitechnis 08:31 24 Jun 2004

The Tick Tock Man,

Thanks for your advice.
As this comp will be for my son, I naturally want it to be as good for gaming as possible (though going for the top of the range Nvidia 6800 or Radeon800 is out of the question, the quoted standard Nvidia 6800 is acceptable).

As you say the Radeons are not available yet, and I want to place my order within a couple of weeks. (I too would probably go for an equivalent Radeon, if it was similarly priced)


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