Hewlett Packard Deskjet 3420 Printer

  astra46 00:58 06 Jan 2003
  astra46 00:58 06 Jan 2003

I recently purchased a HP 3420 printer from The Computer World, which came with a Jenoptik c160 digital camera.

Has anyone any experience of the 3420 printers colour printing, especially with a digital camera.

I assume that the resolution that the digital camera can handle makes a difference on the print quality. The colour prints from the digital camera are quite poor using 80g normal paper. Should i invest in another digital camera, or is the printer not up to scratch? Or do i need glossy paper? (Any sugestions of a good supplier for paper.)

Any help would be appreciated.

  Q-Bie 01:04 06 Jan 2003

I would say, get another digital camera :)

I got the specs for it from Amazon (Where it is sold for £29.99!):

# Cheap and cheerful digital camera
# 320x240 pixel resolution
# Works as a still camera, webcam, or even captures little snippets of video
# 100k CMOS sensor
# Store up to 80 images on built-in 2mb memory
# Simple to use webcam mode

It is not a "digital camera" per say, it's basically a webcam with a built in memory card for storing pictures. It's resolution is 0.2 million Megapixels, which is really quite bad!

To put it in perspective, I have a 1.2 million megapixel fuji camera I bought over 2 years ago for £200, and at anything larger than A5 resolution you start to see blocking in the picture, jagged edges, etc...

So i'd say, get at least a 2.1 million megapixel camera if you want decent quality pictures. You can buy the best and most expensive photo paper around, but if the input quality is small and poor quality, well you know what they say, garbage in garbage out.

  DieSse 01:23 06 Jan 2003

I've installed a number of these printers, and seen lots of printouts from them. Everyone who has one has been very pleased, and I've never seen a poor quality printout - on phot paper they're very good indeed.

Q-Bie's analysis of your camera is spot-on - and I'm sure the conclusion is correct. The only small thing I would say, is that for everyday use, 1.2/1.3Mpixel cameras do very well, and are now very inexpensive.

  Andsome 08:45 06 Jan 2003

Paper and cartridges, click here and click here

  BrianW 09:50 06 Jan 2003

printing photos on 80grm paper will always be a bit disappointing. I find that HP Premium Heavyweight Paper matt. gives the best result if I don't want to use photo paper. Alternatively Kodak Bright White paper gives nearly as good results at lower cost. (this is on both HP720 and now on HP psc 2115 printers). Having said that, you will not get worthwhile results from your camera - as Q-Bie and Diesse say, time to get a new camera - sales are on and there are some good deals out there.

  Elrond 15:16 06 Jan 2003

Clearly the cameras fault. For 29.99 you can't expect much.

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