Here`s some bullshit if ever I have heard it.

  Ray5776 16:50 23 Jun 2007

Hello everyone,
I have just changed my ISP from Orange to TalkTalk
so far I am not very impressed, here is a precis of my dialogue with their helpline when I finally got through.

As I have a Slough postcode they must have assumed that I am fluent in URDU, I was able to understand their helpline assistant but it was painfully dificult.

TalkTalk say that it takes about 2 Hrs to do the connection.

When I had no connection for a day I phoned them and this is the gist of the conversation.

ME "you say it takes 2 Hrs"
TT "yes that is to connect it, it takes up to 48Hrs to activate it"

ME "OK, so will it work tomorrow"
TT "up to 48Hrs don`t try to connect too soon"

ME "I can`t connect at all as you have not sent me the modem or the CD and start up pack"
TT "we will send that later"

ME "you state in your info that you will send this before the connection date which makes more sense does it not"
TT "will send it up to 7 working days"

ME "so I have no connection for about a fortnight"
why have you not sent it before now?"
TT "It is to stop people trying to connect before we have done the connection"

ME "Surely they won`t be able to connect before you have done the connection but it would be useful to have the modem and the CD ready for when the connection is made."
TT "5 to 7 working days"

ME "so I can`t get a connection till then?"
TT "do you have a modem"
ME "yes"
TT "use that then"

ME "I will now I know that I can but I should have your pack as stated in your welcome brochure, why have I not had this?"
TT "to stop people trying to connect before they are connected"

ME "we did this earlier, if I can use my own modem then surely I could have used it to try to connect before you had done the connection, this makes no sense at all to me"


Anyone else experience of this company


  Ikelos 17:13 23 Jun 2007

There are websites in abundance about talk-talk, and every one has not one good word to say about them.

  Ray5776 17:32 23 Jun 2007

May have done the wrong thing then, I would have thought that I should have had learnt by now.
Seemed like such a good deal.

  dagbladet 17:52 23 Jun 2007

Worked for me. Never had a problem.

  Ray5776 17:59 23 Jun 2007

Time will tell, not a good start but I will see what happens.


  Ray5776 18:15 23 Jun 2007

Hi kindly,
My phone bill was about £120 a month and my internet
£17.99. So I want to give this a try, maybe I am a little hasty with my critisyms.

  Ray5776 18:21 23 Jun 2007

can`t spell either.

  Ray5776 18:35 23 Jun 2007


  Ray5776 19:45 23 Jun 2007


  Stuartli 20:13 23 Jun 2007

I've been with TalkTalk for 14 months and, apart from initial problems due to the huge demand at the time, have had no complaints since.

About four months ago I was switched from 2MB to "up to 8MB" on TT's own LLU equipment and consistently get 6MB to 6.6MB.

The monthly £20.99 charge with TalkTalk International3 is staggering value for money and no other ISP has come anywhere near it yet.

My best mate acquired BB at home for the first time through TalkTalk last month and was up and running in about 13 days from placing his order at a local Carphone Warehouse outlet.

  Ray5776 01:11 24 Jun 2007

Maybe all will be well, just a bad start I hope and not the shape of things to come.

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