here we go again- Christmas

  jack 08:42 09 Dec 2006

And every one it seems wants something delivered next day or even not after ten in the morining 'coz I've got granny to see to'.
Pity the poor delivery Co's, who with the same staff vehicles and handling faciliites are trying to deliver with xyz times the normal delivery load
Yes it will be yours that goes adrift, it couldnt happen to a nicer person.
The answer is to Think about what is the likely scenario and organize your life accordingly.

  lisa02 09:06 09 Dec 2006

Obviously you work in that sector and have read Kate B's thread.

Pity the shop workers who sell more from the same space, pity the etailers who sell more from the same warehouse, pity their suppliers who have to send more stock in. Pity the Turkey farmers, pity the posties carrying more mail. Pity those poor children from that hamper company, pity anyone who earns less than you... Pity pity pity.

Pity the folk on here that have to read these "pity this" threads.

  Stuartli 09:08 09 Dec 2006

The logistics involved in the daily movement of goods and parcels and subsequent deliveries carried out by the various major and minor couriers and delivery firms througho0ut the UK almost defy belief.

Yet, more often than not, they get it right.

  Forum Editor 09:10 09 Dec 2006

I don't have any pity for 'poor' delivery companies that have a huge surge in business at Christmas.

1. Christmas doesn't exactly sneak up on them - they have ample time to plan for it.

2. All this extra business comes on a plate - nobody has to raid the ad budget, or have high-pressure marketing meetings.

Delivery companies are in business to deliver, and if they can't handle a regular annual traffic peak they don't deserve to be there.

  wags 09:11 09 Dec 2006

Life is too short.....for threads like this.

Just think of the extra profits that the delivery companies will make (and justifiably, so I might add). Suddenly Christmas doesn't seem so bad after all...

  lisa02 09:14 09 Dec 2006

Exactly wags. They make more money at Christmas, just like everyone else in my list.

  jack 09:21 09 Dec 2006

My point is that Christmas does not 'Creep up' on any of us.

Lisa O2
I dont work in that sector never have - been retired these 10 years past- I worked a lot of my life in Fleet st.
FE and I used to go to the same pub-40 years ago
FE I can imagine depot managers indeed trying to plan for the annual surge in business and A. the top management saying no - you cannot hire extra staff and vehicles- or 'B' If they can and cant find the people to do the job.-- Catch 22 in am afraid.

  spuds 13:03 09 Dec 2006

Slightly off tangent,but ideal to the title. Yesterday we were in a well known clothing superstore, with two rather large queues waiting to pay for items obtained. Ten checkout points, but only four being manned at a very slow pace. People in the queues were becoming rather concerned and agitated due to slowness, and confronted 'manager' about getting more staff on tills. Apparently (shrugged shoulders) he couldn't provide more staff, because the work rosta for that time in the day hadn't been amended!.

What a way to organise Christmas, especially when there appeared to be plenty of floor staff just tidying shelf displays.

  jack 13:41 09 Dec 2006

Not entirely off Spuds
I never could figure how it is Banks Post offices and stores of all sorts manage to have reduced staffing levels in the middle of the day in a town centre when this is the main time for their customers to come in.

Many years ago a motor spares shop in town centre
'Closed for Lunch' and shut when the offices and factories turned out- Perhaps the owner [it was a one man business] did not want to make a living.

  grumpygramp 13:56 09 Dec 2006

Most "customer orientated firms hire in extra staff (Amazon) or delivery Vehicles (Argos) .couple of years back I ordered a TV from Argos just before Christmas which was delivered by a Hired in firm who were equally as effecient as Argos drivers have been when delivering.On the other hand one of my Daughters was a Checkout Supervisor for Safeways whose Manager refused to let her use more staff on the checkouts, so it was her that had to take all the kickbacks from customers and from overworked staff .

  denali 14:28 09 Dec 2006

Last Christmas I ordered a rather specialised book for my daughter (on 23rd Dec. by phone) It was quite a distance away and offered to pick it up was told not to worry. It arrived at 3.15pm on Christmas eve via a black cab. I obviously cannot name the company because everone would want the same treatment. That is service!

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