Hercules Support, Canada - How Long Must I Wait??

  Jester2K 10:33 05 Jan 2004

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On Fri 28/11/2003 i got an e-mail stating that the spare fan had been shipped with the message - "Please feel free to contact us in case delivery has not occurred within 10 working days."

On Fri 12/12/2003 i e-mailed back that the fan had not arrived.

On Fri 12/12/2003 i got the message "Spare parts are sent out from Canada. I apologise, but it may take longer than 10 days. Please recontact us if you do not receive them within the next week."

On Fri 19/12/2003 i replied that it was 15 working days and no delivery. We double checked the address and only "Surrey" was missing. I assured the contact that even a parcel marked only with a house number and Postcode would be delivered OK in the UK. I also commented that the Xmas post might be holding things up so i offered to wait until the 23rd December to see if it turns up. They said if it hasn't arrived by 23rd December they will send another one....

That is the last I've heard from them....

Now fair enough we've had Xmas and New Year but surely there's someone covering? I've now waited over a month for a spare part covered under warranty. The responses where always made by Hercules within 2 hours of being sent by me to them. I've sent 3 (soon to be 4) messages stating it hasn't arrived....

What can i do apart from wait???

  smegs 23:46 05 Jan 2004

Sorry to hear Ur having problems. It would have been a nice Xmas pressie. If it's comming from Canada, I bet U won't be able to do a lot. But good luck anyway.

  Forum Editor 00:43 06 Jan 2004

apart from pestering them with emails.

  Jester2K 08:34 06 Jan 2004

Is that because this is a warranty replacement and therefore some sort of "goods replaced out of faith / honour" or is it just the distance?

How is this different to goods ordered over the internet?

I assume Hercules added a small cost to the price of the card to cover all warranty replacements?

Although i haven't actually given credit card details etc do i not have the same sort of rights as someone who purchased goods?

  Jester2K 13:13 08 Jan 2004

e-mailed the PR at Hercules who gave me a phone number in London that put me through to the Helpdesk in Canada. Fan arrived 5 minutes ago dated 7th Jan 2004....

  smegs 00:27 09 Jan 2004

Nice one Jester2K. I bet Ur happy now. Good luck.

  Forum Editor 08:32 09 Jan 2004

email works sometimes then.

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