Help w/Graphics Card / TFT choice

  pauldonovan 18:02 29 Mar 2005


I'm about to purchase a new PC and have spec'd one that includes an ATI Radeon X850XT Platinum Edition (PCI Express) Graphics Card (w/256MB RAM).

This card has had great reviews and i'm interested in it for games purposes.

On visiting the shop I spotted a great graphics demo running and discovered it was on an older 128MB card and it made me wonder - does all this talk of Frames Per Second etc. etc. actually make any difference? Will I notice a difference with this card over one that is cheaper?

ALSO re: TFT, the screen i'm looking at is a 19" screen with a 12ms response time. Will that be sufficient when paired with such a good graphics card? I can't help but wonder if the 12ms response time actually means I won't see the benefit of the higher FPS rates of this card.

Thoughts much appreciated!



  Bleep 18:18 29 Mar 2005

12ms is a great response time and yes the card you are looking @ is among the best availible.

The fps will be noticiable @ higher resolutions
that your new 19inch monitor should be able to display and that better card will allow you too have higher levels of detail AA & AF and ensure that over the next couple of years you will be able to play games as they are meant to be played.

  pauldonovan 19:10 29 Mar 2005

Can you actually detect (i.e. the human eye) those higher fps? Does it seem jagged without having that extra power ?

I think the highest that the monitor can display is 1280x1024 (without interpolating/reduction or whatever it does) 1600x1200 is irrelevant to me.

  HXP 22:36 29 Mar 2005

I think anything over 24 fps is probably not noticeable( my assuption based on the fps of cine film)but - it will future proof you when the next new games come out.

I have a Nvidia FX6800 Ultra paid to dollar for it and I am sure it has already been superceded.

Should I have brought a cheaper card & upgraded in 12 months ?

I just took the view of buying the best I could and enjoying the best for as long as it was the best.

Six months down the raod it is still excellent and plays most thing at full res / details.

It's a personal decision.

PS My monitor is <16 ms & is fine for games so yours should be excellent


  pauldonovan 10:46 30 Mar 2005

.. my question re: Monitor was because some PC Magazine mentioned that this monitor could suffer from 'ghosting' and I did wonder if I should stick with the 17" monitor that is spec'd with this PC (I believe because they wanted the best review as it is a review model) which has I believe an 8ms response?

My concern is that if I max out the card at 1280x1024 the monitor will be sluggish negating the benefit of the card.

I guess if the monitor takes 12/1000 of a second to respond, and I'm getting say a max of 100 FPS (I'm guessing here) then it isn't going to make a big are people just getting theoretical when they moan about ghosting on monitors with 'high' (12ms) responses?

I read that the human eye can only detect 25 fps somewhere, which makes you wonder why you'd want a card that can do 100 !!!!



  NinkyRudes 11:06 30 Mar 2005

Ahh, the debate about frame rate continues. As a hardcore gamer (among other things), I would say that anything over 30 fps is acceptable, but most of us still strive for a minimum of 50 fps @ high resolution.

I would thoroughly reccommend the card in this system, as it is very near the top of ATI's current generation of chipsets. I am currently an nVidia fan, but the X850XT is a top card, which will give you top frame rates & resoulutions for a few months yet.

Basically, you could save £100-200 by downgrading the card, but I honestly believe that you will be disappointed down the line, especially if you want to play the current generation of PC games (that use DirectX 9.x) free of trouble.

Finally, although 128Mb of video memory is the current 'industry standard', as a gamer, RAM of any type is a necessity - you'll want as much as you can afford. It will be on the next generation of cards that we will start to see 512Mb as a mainstream option, and with only 128Mb, you're going to feel a little left behind.

Sorry I can help much on monitors though, not my area of expertise I'm afraid. But the one you suggest sounds pretty sweet to me!

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