Help! Upgrade or New System?

  damowalsh 10:28 08 Dec 2006

I need some advice. I have ran the test on my pc on the pc pit stop web site and the results are on this link: click here

I know I need more memory to make my pc run more efficiently however my question is this.

1. Do I buy more memory for my current system and retain my current processor.

2. Would I be better buying a new pc with faster processor and more memory. What is a benchmark system?. I dont game on my pc, mainly used for internet use.

3. I currently have Orange Broadband but only at about 1MB speed as I live in the sticks!I have checked my download spped and it varies from 60 kilobits per second to 273 which I think is slow. I am currently using Orange wireless.

Any advice would be appreciated and thanks for taking the time to look.


  €dstowe 10:59 08 Dec 2006

Are you unhappy with the way your computer works or are you just taking what pc pit stop tells you as Gospel?

If you don't have any real problems with your machine (machine, not Internet speed) then I would leave things alone.

Regarding you Internet speed, that is dependent on your supplier. Upgrading your computer will not improve it.

You can cause all sorts of problems messing about with a computer trying to improve its performance. Very often you end up with a machine that is a shadow of its former self.

  damowalsh 11:11 08 Dec 2006

Hi. I would like it to work faster as sometimes it takes an age when downloading music etc, though I realise that is a broadband speed issue. I get a message quite often saying my virtual memory is too low and windows is increasing its size. A friend has told me to buy and add more memory as I have 2 free slots!
He makes it sound easy.

  €dstowe 11:28 08 Dec 2006

There's more to adding memory than bunging in another stick or two into slots that may be lying vacant.

Check with the crucial memory checker before you proceed click here

  HondaMan 12:19 08 Dec 2006

memory, assuming that it's the correct type will certainly help and its probably the cheapest and quickest way to see results.

I agree with €dstowe, use the Crucial checker to see what you need. You will probably find tha you can get as high as 3Gb, but in reality 1.5Gb is high enough IMHO


  [email protected] 12:48 08 Dec 2006

Try click here drop down the RH side and follow the instruction about your exchange. Plusnet and Sky have encouraged BT to upgrade your line at the exchange if you have signed up with them. BT will do it you sign them as your ISP not the cheapest around and tied for 12 months. There are very few exchanges which are not ADSL in todays market. That would be my 1st line of investigation.
It is also true that using the advice given you can improve your PC by checking Ram and adding the same You have not said what OS It may be worth your time looking at your motherboard expiry date and your OS You can buy relatively cheap up to date stuff to install in your PC but maybe you should look at device manager and check your drivers are up to date with a good defrag as company to improving general performance

  damowalsh 12:55 08 Dec 2006

I have used crucial memory checker and will add some more memory. Thanks for the advice.

  The Brigadier 14:27 08 Dec 2006

What are your current systen specs?

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