Help! Time Laptop Worth Buying?

  son of bof:) 02:57 28 Aug 2004

Hi all,

Just a quick few questions. Been really considering buying a Tiny Laptop (been after a laptop for a while now). The great thing about the laptop is that its only £459, which is affordable for someone like me who is only 18 and working in temporary jobs before uni etc. A link to the laptop is below:

click here

Also, the good thing about it is, the specs are nice enough to do work/listen to music/play a few simple games on, but not good enough to run high end games. Which is a good thing because I won't be tempted to play games whilst trying to work etc. It's a nice tidy looking smart Notebook!

Any feedback on the laptop and tiny, and any experience of the company as a whole is greatly appreciated.



  son of bof:) 02:58 28 Aug 2004

Sorry, THIS is the correct link below:

click here

Thanks again,


  son of bof:) 10:44 28 Aug 2004

Ok, it's a Tiny laptop even, but I hear Tiny are part of Time anyway. So tired, ignore any other mistakes!


  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:54 28 Aug 2004

It will more than suffice for your needs and for many years to come.


  Magik ®© 12:04 28 Aug 2004

just remember, support costs £1 a minute, and you do not get any disks with it, ie: for restore, they will cost extra...

  son of bof:) 12:21 28 Aug 2004

Cheers guys!


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