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  birdface 10:12 01 Apr 2008

Hi.Sorry to be a bit Vague.But my daughter works with Carers and is trying to get funds to buy a severly Autistic boy of 14 a desktop for home use.The lad gets taught at home and gets lots of work sent to him from school.At the moment the computer he had is broken.And what we are looking for is a desktop between £400-£500 as my daughter thinks that she can get the funds for that.We need something with lots of memory.Any help in finding a computer for that sort of price would be a great help.I would think that maybe a printer may be required also.But at the moment we are a bit Vague as to any other requirements.As she has to write to other organizations to get the funds we would appreciate a quick response.Thanks in advance and if I receive any other information I will post it on here later.I do hope that I have posted this in the correct section.I did not know if it should have gone into the Helproom.

  birdface 11:18 01 Apr 2008

Just thinking I would imagine being for school work it would need Office included.Ive had a look around but as I have only had one computer and that is about 7 year old I am not up to date about what modern computers have installed or what to look for.

  BigCoolBob 11:25 01 Apr 2008

Have you checked the Dell website out, you can get a fairly decent spec computer from them with the following specs for £420ish:

E2160 Dual core processor
1gb RAM
250gb Hard drive
Vista Home Premium
19" silver widescreen monitor
Integrated graphics (this can be upgraded starting from £60)
CD/DVD rewriter
All in one printer (can also print photos)

This also comes with speakers, floppy drive, a wireless PCI card, 15 months McAfee protection and 1 year warranty for both comp and printer. I havent included a wireless router as they are generally supplied 'free of charge' by the ISP when you sign up to a broadband service.

You would also need MS Office (unless MS Works will suffice).

£420 includes VAT and delivery.

Obviously, any of the above specs can be modified and improved if necessary, I just wasnt sure what you meant when you said 'lots of memory'.

You could also check out as many excellent price computers pass through those boards, plus you could check out websites like Scan and PCWorld for any special offers they may have on too.

  belfman 11:26 01 Apr 2008


MS Works is more than adequate.

Visit Dell for their most expensive 531 @ £429 with 2Oinch LCD monitor, 2GB RAM, 500GB HDD, ATI hd2400pro GFX card and AMD X2 dual core 5000+ Processor.

click here

  birdface 12:07 01 Apr 2008

Hi.I was just on the Dell website.Thanks for showing me what to expect.I think my daughter might be better phoning them and explaining what she needs.I think it was about £160 odds to have Office included.But I don't know if he would qualify for the cheap student deals with Microsoft or whether he has to be at university.Basically my Daughter just needs to know what funds to apply for.I understand that dell can be persuaded to throw in some extras free of charge in special occasions so we will see what happens.Thank you for your help.The extra memory was because he has to download and probably save a lot of schoolwork.So my daughter thought that the more memory the better.

  Totally-braindead 12:07 01 Apr 2008

Something like this perhaps click here £309 with XP an extra tenner for Vista and with the cash left get a cheap 19" TFT such as click here £109. Total £418 leaving enough to get a cheap printer or all in one printer/scanner like this click here £35.25

They do have cheaper PCs as well but if you went for Vista rather than XP you do definatly need the 2 gig of memory. It is onboard graphics but does have a PCI Express x16 slot so you could add a graphics card if required.

Now just a thought but theres loads of charities and organisations out there that help people with problems. Is there not one that could perhaps help with this either with cash towards a computer or indeed supplying the whole thing for free?

  Totally-braindead 12:09 01 Apr 2008

Regarding the MS Office thing, you can gets Works cheap enough OR it might be enough to have the free OpenOffice. Many people swear by it and it does most of what Office does and for free. Worth considering perhaps.

  birdface 17:30 01 Apr 2008

Ok.Thanks everyone.Will pass results on to my daughter.

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