Help please ...will this do what I need it to do ?

  Minikayla 12:17 20 Sep 2003


never posted here before ....but just been having a read and you seem to know a LOT more about this sort of stuff than me ..mind you having said that it wouldn't be difficult.

I am in the process of buying a new PC ...the one I am using is practically antique and was bought a couple of years ago 2nd hand for £150 .......however I now need something a bit quicker and more able .

I run a small web-based business form home , and I am using my PC for updating a basic website that I've had built.......I list a lot of stuff on eBay and use frontpage to make my ads look nicer ..because I'm clueless about HTML ...I take and store quite a lot of photos which I use for my business ( the camera I have isn't much cop) and I print my own adverting material .....I live on Isle of Lewis ...which is a major factor in where I buy from as obviously I'm not mainland UK and this can effect warranties etc.

I've go about £1000 to spend ( would like to spend less if possible)

I've seen this package advertised on PC World and whilst it seems not a bad deal to me .....I really would appreciate some real impartial advice .....
This is the package .....

Intel Pentium 4 2.66GHz processor
512Mb RAM Memory, 80Gb Hard Drive
DVDRW / DVD Drives Fitted
17" CRT Monitor
128Mb ATi Radeon 9200 Graphics Card
PB Diamond 2400+ Scanner
PB DSC-220 Digital Camera
HP DJ5650 Colour Inkjet Printer
Windows XP Home Edition
1 Year FREE Onsite Warranty

Is it any good for me ? ...or am I being bamboozled by a nice picture ??

If you've read this far ..thank you ...and if you can help I really would be grateful


  spuds 12:28 20 Sep 2003

I would be a little suspect, as to the Free 1 year On Site Warranty, considering where you live. You do not state the price that you have been quoted.

  Minikayla 12:34 20 Sep 2003

Ooops ..forgot that bit's £999

so just in my price range ,,,it is on th PCworld website in the desktop PC package section


  GANDALF <|:-)> 12:35 20 Sep 2003

click here at £619 is within your budget or for £499 you can have a 17"CRT monitor. I would buy the camera and scanner as separates as the spec of those above is a bit dire. I bought 4 of the Emachines last weekend for an estate agents office. They are superb, capable machines. The 15" TFT screen is very nice and nearly the same viewing area as the 17" CRT. You will not need a powerful graphics card-onboard graphics will be more than capable.


  GANDALF <|:-)> 12:38 20 Sep 2003

ps I would be tempted to buy a USB external storage £140 you will ever spend.


  wee eddie 12:56 20 Sep 2003

Living on Lewis has it's bonuses as well as downsides.

Warrentry exclusions being a downside.

However, there must be at least one PC Retailer and even PC builder in Stornoway and even a PC World.

They should all have local warrentry facilities.

Give your requirements to a local lad and he/she will build you one that will do the job you want.

  Forum Editor 13:06 20 Sep 2003

and would buy camera and scanner separately. The 1 year onsite warranty will apply to the UK mainland only, but to be honest I wouldn't worry unduly about that - statistically unless the machine develops a fault within a few months it's likely to run for a long time, and if it does break down within six months you'll find that Consumer legislation protects you very adequately. What I do NOT recommend you to do is pay for any special warranty scheme - the additional cost isn't worth it.

If you're buying a digital camera, and there's enough left in the budget, you might want to buy some photo-editing software to install on the new machine, especially if you're working regularly on the web. You may well something already of course, but if you haven't I thoroughly recommend Ulead Photo-Impact, which you can see if you
click here
There's Photoshop of course, but at around £500 for the full version it's not always a viable proposition. Photo-Impact on the other hand is an absolute bargain at £60 for the latest version. I don't know how they do it for the price.

  krypt1c 13:31 20 Sep 2003

In the current edition of Personal Computer World [November] there's a group review of 'budget' PCs @ £499 ex vat [£586.33 inc vat]

  Djohn 14:06 20 Sep 2003

I too agree with GANDALF <|:-)>. I was in PC World a little earlier today, and had a look at the suggested Emachine at £619.00 with a 15" TFT monitor. Nice looking machine and well up to what you require.

This will leave you enough to buy a good quality Printer and scanner, then save a little more for a decent quality camera. Regards. j.

  JIM 16:24 20 Sep 2003

I go along with everyone on the suggested packages and the software which would suffice your needs allowing you to buy a good quality Printer and scanner etc.In my opinion your location limits your choice in some repects for to poss take on say a Mesh or a Evesham system,which i would normally recommend.

The advise recommending you not to pay for any special warranty scheme in my experience is very sound and i would find it very hard to accept or justifi paying quite a sum of extra money for that purpose.

What ever you decide on i hope you have many years of service from it,(at least 2/3 yrs before your on the trail again) ;)

Most important after a purchase even with the XP OS (which is sound)i would not to add to much software all at once untill you have run the system for a few days to see all is well with the operating OS. The antivirus and isp plus WIN updates would be my way then word processing and photo-editing software being my priority before whatever after.

Good luck with your choice.

  Minikayla 14:21 21 Sep 2003

Just wanted to say a quick thank you to those of you that answered my cry for help ...

I've taken all you suggested to heart ......I'm getting a local lad to build me what I need ....he isn't a business as such ..just talented ..he's buying the bits and putting them together for me ..and is then on hand if anything goes pear shaped on me ...and with the money that I've saved .....and it is a LOT (same spec as the £619 PC World one for £480 :o)) ..I will now be able to afford to get myself a decent camera and a copier/printer combined which will be very useful for my business.

Wouldn't have thought of asking him though ..if I hadn't have asked here ..

So ...

Thank you very much


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