Help old silver surfer

  [email protected] 10:03 13 Jun 2007

I have AM2NFG-Sata2 mobo with Athlon (tm) 64 X Dial core processor 3800 2.GHz 1.93GB ram physical extension
The mobo has onboard Nvidia 6100 plus HP 1355 printer
These have caused Vista Premium 32 bit to go back to basic visual settings and have excluded most anti spy ware virus programs
Can anyone advise what graphic card I should look at with a limited budget and what printer can I obtain which uses HP56/57
I removed Vista before the 2 days compulsory activation by formatting the c: partition and re-installing my normal XP OS software

  wee eddie 11:23 13 Jun 2007

If you are short of the readies, why not use the On-Board Graphics?

What's wrong with your Printer. My guess is that you need to download the Drivers from HP's Site

  harps1h 14:56 13 Jun 2007

there are a number of mid range cards that are capable of running Vista. what is the maker of your motherboard?

  [email protected] 15:52 13 Jun 2007

Vista does not like the onboard graphics

  harps1h 17:43 13 Jun 2007

thank you. here is a link to a card that will suit your bill on a tight budget. it will never set the geeks world alight, but it should do what it says on the box. click here

  wee eddie 18:19 13 Jun 2007

When it means that you have to buy a Graphics Card (Minimum cost: £80 - £100) and a new Printer and, if I read correctly between the lines, a Box of Ink Cartridges.

  [email protected] 18:27 13 Jun 2007

I try to keep up to date Ok I can afford a graphic card but on searching HP5610 @ 70pounds does not seem bad and it uses HP56/7
I still need which graphic card are suitable Radeon 9250 looks OK but is it?

  [email protected] 18:31 13 Jun 2007

your link looks OK
128 bit?
need a few more to look at

  hssutton 19:05 13 Jun 2007

wee eddie, I'm not sure where you get your
minimum cost of £80-100 from. I'm using the following with an high end monitor running Photoshop CS3 and Lightroom. Cost £32.42
click here

  Stuartli 19:21 13 Jun 2007

I have an 256MB ATi Radeon 9550 graphics card which does all I require - it copes reasonably well with 3DMark '03 benchmarks..:-)

  wee eddie 20:19 13 Jun 2007

We're talking about running Vista with verve, possibly for games, not XP and a Word Processor.

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