Help needed finding a laptop with a matte screen

  carlaphoenix 00:05 28 Dec 2010


This is my first post and I'm not at all techie so please excuse any howlers. I would very much appreciate your help with choosing a laptop as I'm currently unemployed and can't afford to make a mistake.

I haven't owned a laptop before, so I was delighted when I was given one as a gift. Unfortunately, I didn't know I was getting it, so couldn't explain that I need a matte screen as the glare from the highly reflective screen hurts my eyes. I was unable to exchange the machine as John Lewis do not sell laptops in that price range with matte screens. I did however manage to obtain a refund, so I now have £319 for a laptop. I could make this up to £400 but that would be my absolute max. I would also like to make a purchase before the new VAT rate comes in on 4th January.

I would be very grateful if someone could suggest a suitable alternative with the all important matte screen. I do not have anyone to help me install it or to help out if something goes wrong, so it would be good to have at least a one year guarantee and technical support. I will be using the laptop for e-mails, internet, sending word documents, storing photos and watching films/listening to music. I would also like a webcam if possible. The spec should be at least as good as the machine I was orginally given which was a Tohshiba Satellite C660D-10W:

AMD Sempron (not great, I'm told)
2GB Ram
15.6 inch display

Software includes:

Windows 7 Home Premium
Microsoft Office
McAfee Security (30 days)

3 hours 50 minutes battery life

2 year guarantee and 90 day tech support

Also, it's going to get moved around quite a bit so needs to be pretty sturdy and light. I'm not keen on having a refurb as can't afford to take any chances.

Thanks again for any suggestions you might be able to make.


  Big L 266 09:55 28 Dec 2010


Carla....I have taken the liberty to post a link below which will take you to Dell computers UK website and specifically to their Vostro 3300 laptop.

click here

The Vostro 3300 appears to have a matte screen which is important for you and the rest of the specs are impressive as well.

I have been with Dell for a number of years with my current desktop computer. I have had outstanding service from Dell in terms of Customer Services and their Technical Department and have no hesitation in recommending them to you.I believe there is a phone number on the link as well.

I hope others will also come forward and add their suggestions and recommendations in respect of matte screen laptops.I do hope you'll be able to get the laptop of your choice soon,but don't rush to beat the VAT rise as this only works out at £2.50 extra per £100 spent - i.e.on a £400 purchase, the additional VAT will only be £10.00.

Avoid purchasing through PC World.

All the best.

Big L 266

  robin_x 12:31 28 Dec 2010

Any laptop, be careful if you are lugging it around.

Theft and damage.

I broke my screen when it was 8 months old.
Knocked it 18" onto the living room carpet.

Fortunately I could fix it myself, but it was a hassle. My Compaq needs to be almost totally disassembled to change the screen.

Lots of replacement screens on amazon for about £70

Sorry, a bit 'off topic'

  carlaphoenix 23:44 28 Dec 2010

Thanks so much for your advice about the Dell Vostro 3300. I will check it out. Guess you're right about the VAT rise. There's no point in hurrying, I need to find the right machine. Seem to remember reading something about a Lenovo Thinkpad having a good matte screen but it was on an American site from a few years ago so the spec may have changed by now. Carla

  The Kestrel 13:51 29 Dec 2010

Big L226's link to Dell shows prices before VAT and delivery are added. Even the cheapest laptop at £399 will be well in excess of carlapheonix's maximum budget of £400.

  dagbladet 20:48 29 Dec 2010

Big L 266
"...Avoid purchasing through PC World."


  john bunyan 09:00 30 Dec 2010

there are add ons like this:
click here&_$ja=tsid:11224

  Big L 266 10:37 30 Dec 2010


dagbladet....Easy.Brand new computer hard-drive failed at start up. Retured it next day,they wouldn't issued a refund there and then.They tested computer and found the failure and eventually refunded me my money after a blazing in-store shouting match.They wouldn't refund money for the pheripherals either.I complained to my credit card company and it took eight weeks to negotiate a refund using the law to get it.I threated them with Court action if they didn't refund the pheripherals.Letters and calls to PC World ignored at all times.

Also,see other posts from many other unhappy customers like me and hence 'avoid purchasing through PC World' advice to carlaphoenix. Simples.

Big L 266

  dagbladet 12:29 30 Dec 2010

...and how many trouble free purchases do you think take place at PC World/DSG every day?


  Big L 266 12:41 30 Dec 2010


dagbladet....Judging from the number of posts in here and on other sites I visit probably not very many.

Big L 266

  Woolwell 13:21 30 Dec 2010

In this instance you are incorrect as there are many trouble free purchases at DSG. However there can be better deals elsewhere.

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