Help needed in calibrating a MSP tablet

  Dunnroamin 14:12 12 Feb 2017

I used a Trust tablet for years, but no longer have the table space for a separate tablet and computer/monitor or even a laptop.

I'm not a pro artist, just an 81 y.o. who needs mental stimulus.

After much sifting through reviews and Youtube videos, I purchased the Wacom MSP.

On startup I have, with some difficulty, got through the various username and password requirements (although I'm now wondering if I should have kept the same UN and PW for everything).

My main difficulty arose in choosing the various calibrations, including PEN, FUNCTIONS and TOUCH RING. I wonder, would it make more sense to click on the DEFAULT button (at least until I become more proficient).

My next question is: As the OS is Win 10. is this viewable onscreen in the same form as it would be on an ordinary pc, i.e. with desktop shortcuts and a program list which includes My Pictures, My Documents, Control Panel etc., and switchable back to the Wacom functions.

I would like to install Photoshop elements 2, as I have used this for a long time on a large desktop tower pc and Trust tablet. I would have to either download it or buy the CD. I don't know if PS elements 2 is compatible with Win 10, if it can be used on W 10, how does one load a CD into a device that doesn't have a disc tray.

In the absence of a User manual or PDF, folks like me (on the wrong side of 80) do have a bit of trouble threading their way through the minefield of digital jargon and setup procedures.

I had great hopes that I would find what I needed on Youtube, but the videos mostly concentrated on the MSP specifications or how great it was to draw and paint on, with no mention of how a beginner could deal with the basics. Hoping that someone may be able to give me a few hints and tips, thanks in advance.

  Smudge120 15:28 13 Feb 2017

I am also a silver surfer 82 years old and still learning. I have just bought a Dell laptop. It is refurbished by a local computer shop. Have just made a local phone call for advice how to set up the printer to do it wireleesly from my laptop. If you down load PS2 onto a memory stick, you shpuld then be able to transfer it onto your new laptop. You may get more information but this may be what you want. Good luck. I find that I am still learning and it is keeping the grey cells working.

  Dunnroamin 20:54 13 Feb 2017

That's incredible. Are you a mind reader? The method you have just suggested occurred to me last night, the only difference - I thought of using an SD card because the Wacom has an SD card slot. All memory sticks need USB connection, I believe, and the Wacom only has very small USB sockets called USBc, or something like that. I've yet to try what we both thought of, although, because it's an old app, I still don't know if it's compatible. Thanks for responding, I wish you well.

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