Help me with my MESH problem please

  PINKNOSE 12:47 18 Mar 2003

Hi sent my MESH pc back for repair they said my graphics card was faulty(Nvidia 64m Gefore2-Pro-tv out) and they have replaced it with a Gainward Geforce2 MX400 64meg. Is this a better card or a worse card because MESH keep telling me this card is a lot better than my old card. Please can you help me with any info you have regarding these two cards.

Many Thanks


  Rose 16:55 18 Mar 2003

Don't worry. The new graphics card is just fine and at least as good as but probably better than the one it is replacing. PC technology is advancing so fast that if a computer component breaks the replacement that the supplier - in this case Mesh - installs in its place is just about always better than the origional component.

  carver 20:01 18 Mar 2003

Are you certain that the new card is a GEFORCE 2 MX?. Because this card if I'm not mistaken that card only uses SDRAM and not DDRAM that your original Geforce 2 Pro uses, and unless you need to have twin outs for TV that is a feature you can live without.The MX card is basically a stripped down PRO CARD.

  Hunte® 20:26 18 Mar 2003

The MX in either GF2 or GF4 variants is definately a lower spec than a GF2 Pro. Suitable replacements for a GF2Pro would be GF3 or GF4 Ti. Any of these would indeed be an upgrade but as I see it, you have been given a much lower spec card.

  cookie monsta 20:40 18 Mar 2003

GF2 MX series is the desktop users preference whereas the Pro was the gamers preference, there isn't much in it, if you go to click here you can compare performance.

I would either demand they send you a GF2 Pro, or compensate you for the downgrade of your machine. If you are a gamer, go for the card, if you don't play games, you wont notice the difference, but hey, they skimped on a part, get them to cough up the difference. I am sure they would do if they HAD to updrage your card!!

  carver 22:24 18 Mar 2003

If you play any games at all don't accept this MX Card, try and play one of the newer games with that card and you will have no chance, you will have lock-ups all the time, ask for an upgrade if they can't supply a replacement card, don't accept an MX variant as these don't like games. My card is a Geforce 2 pro and this will only just play the lastest games.

  Pappyon 17:09 20 Mar 2003

What is the difference between the Gforce 2 pro mentioned above and the G Force 2 MX400 please. Is the G Force 2 MX 400 not very good?

  Hunte® 17:34 20 Mar 2003

The Pro (and also GTS) series of GF2 cards were fairly high specification cards designed with the gamer in mind, whereas the MX series we budget cards designed for the mainstream user.

Nvidia changed the name Pro/Ultra/GTS to Ti when they introduced the revised GF3Ti series. The Ti name has continued through to the GF4 series, as has the budget MX name.

What Mesh have done is substituted a gamers card with a budget card. (modern equivalent is changing a GF4Ti to a GF4MX....a considerable downgrade)

  carver 18:28 20 Mar 2003

What is the position as regards this graphics card, it would be nice to tell us any results.

  PINKNOSE 11:02 21 Mar 2003

Mesh have now agreed to send a Geforce3 card as a replacement.

Many thanks for all your help


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