Help me decide! PC Recommendation my 3 choices:

  Nick-T 11:59 08 Sep 2006

Hi I have narrowed my search for my 1st pc system down to 3 different choices as set out below. I’m looking for any views, comments and recommendations as to which overall package is the best in terms of quality & value for money and possible future upgrades.

I will be purchasing speakers seperatly and have use of a basic keyboard & mouse until I replace with better. The PC will be used for some online gaming & rpg type games, net surfing, spreadsheet work. My 3 specs are:

Evesham Solar GT

Processor Intel® Core 2 Duo processor E6300 (1.86GHz) [£0.00]
Op System Windows® XP Home Edition [£0.00]
Memory 1GB DDR-2 RAM 533MHz [£0.00]
Hard Disk 320GB SATA 7200rpm Hard Drive with 8MB Buffer [£0.00]
Video Card 256MB DDR NVIDIA 7900GT PCI-Express Graphics [£0.00]
Monitor 19" Viewsonic VX922 (Black / Silver) DVI TFT [£29.99]
Drive DVD-ROM (16x) / CD-RW (52x32x52) Combo Drive [£9.99]
Drive Multi Format 16x Dual layer DVD re-writer [£0.00]
Sound Card7.1 channel surround sound (on-board) [£0.00]
®Windows® Vista Capable
Speakers No Speakers [-£28.96]
Keyboard Microsoft® Cordless Keyboard & Optical Wheel Mouse [£0.00]
Evesham Warranty Packages Evesham Gold Warranty (2Yrs OSM 1Yr RTB)

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Total cost as spec £1050. Option of upgrading to E6400 Processor for £40 & 2g Ram £110.

PC Specialist – Build your own Desktop Advanced Intel

CPU INTEL® CORE® 2 DUO E6400 (2 X 2.13GHZ) 1066mhz FSB/2MB Cache
Memory 2048 MB CORSAIR DDR2-667 PC5300 - LIFETIME WARRANTY! (2x1GB)
Motherboard ASUS® P5N SLI: DUAL DDR2, S-ATA, 2 x16 VGA
USB Options SIX USB 2.0 PORTS (4 REAR + 2 FRONT)
Hard Drive SATA II 320 GB HARD DISK @ 7200rpm 8mb cache
Second Hard Drive NONE
CD/DVD Writer 52X 32X 52X CD WRITER
Graphics Card 1 256MB GEFORCE 7900GT PCI Express + DVI + DVI + TV-OUT
Graphics Card 2 NONE
Network Facilities 10/100/1000 NETWORK CARD FOR BROADBAND
Floppy Drive/Card Reader 1.44MB FLOPPY DISK DRIVE
Case Stylish Silver/Black Sigma case + 2 front USB
Power Supply & Cooling 500W (Peak) Super Quiet Dual Rail PSU with 120mm fan (£25)
Operating System required MICROSOFT® WINDOWS® XP HOME (inc. Genuine CD & licence) (£59)
Firewire & Video Editing NONE
Monitor NONE
Keyboard NONE
Mouse NONE
Speakers NONE
Printer NONE
Anti-Virus NONE
Office Software NONE
Warranty 3 Year Return-to-Base Warranty + 3 Years Free Collect & Return: £135

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Total cost as spec £1015. Note no TFT Screen so allow another £200 for similar to the one supplied by Evesham

PC Option Gamers Base Unit

Delivered 3 - 5 Working Days
Choose Your ® XP Software (Also provided without)
Intel ® Pentium® Core 2 Duo Dual-Core Processor 6300 (Upgrades Below)
2G DDR 2 533 MHz Memory
300 Sata 2 Hard Drive
Asus Nvidia GForce 7900GT 256MB Graphics
Sony 52 x CD Writer / DVD Combo Drive
8024 400 Watt Colors IT Case
7.1 Digital Soundcard
Front Audio & 2 USB 2.0 Connectors
Rear Audio & 4-6 Rear USB 2.0 Connectors
5 Year Warranty - 3 Years Parts & Remaining 2 Years Free Labour

Gamers Base Unit. Nvidia 7900. P4 Dual Core. (6400 Intel Core Duo , Standard Case , 1 X 7900GT 256MB Graphics Card , 300GB Sata 2 Hard Drive , 2048 DDR 2 533 MHz , Xp Home With SP2 & Disc , 16 X DVD Dual Layer Writer , No Wireless Network Card ) (remove)

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Total cost as speced £772 if paying by credit card. Note no TFT Screen so allow another £200 for similar to the one supplied by Evesham.

Each of these systems comes in around £1150 if includind a viewsonic vx922 19" screen and upgrading Ram etc, they all come with 3yr warranty but only evesham is on site. Please help me decide!

  neil79 12:12 08 Sep 2006

I would always buy from Evesham due to personal experience (I have owned a Mesh and one from Watford before i discovered Evesham). My machine developed a fault (ok not the best after only 3 months) but the speed of which they sorted it was a godsend. Especially as they came to me and i did not have to worry about sending it away and worrying were it was.

All my uni work was saved on it, so they saved me a lot of extra work by fixing it.

  961 12:40 08 Sep 2006

It's the manufacturer and the support, not the specification

From the three I would suggest Evesham

  Momokichi 13:03 08 Sep 2006

I have had better experience of Evesham than Mesh, Dell or Tiny. Furthermore, they offer an on (your) site warranty, which is priceless

  Nick-T 13:32 08 Sep 2006

Thanks I am kind of swayed towards the Evesham as it will mean I dont have to buy a screen seperatly. I was going to but extra ram for it seperatly but have been told that installing it or a different graphics card would invalidate the warranty.

I had thought that maybe the PC Specialist or PC Options were better than Evesham one as 2GRam operating at 667Mhz, possibly better motherboards, and they also come with the E6400 processor rather than the E6300 that comes with the Evesham.

Any other thoughts anyone?

  961 15:23 08 Sep 2006

Regarding extra ram, just get them to fit it while building. They may charge more than you could buy it yourself, but it will be marginal and, as you say, why mess with the warranty for a few spondoolicks?

I wouldn't worry about the specs you mention. It will be marginal and, if for any reason it goes pear shaped, they will look after you better

  def90csw 15:43 08 Sep 2006

seem to be good value for what you get.

  Mr Mistoffelees 17:05 08 Sep 2006

I'm, inclined toward the PC Specialist machine, seems the best overall spec for the money. You can lose the network card though, your chosen motherboard has a built in ethernet facility.

  cowboy62 11:41 09 Sep 2006

it all depends on what u want to do with ur pc copy disc play games and what sort of budget u are on

  Nick-T 13:09 14 Sep 2006

Thanks for your all your views - I went with the Evesham in the end with upgraded processor.

  Nick-T 17:22 05 Oct 2006

Well the Evesham arrived on time at the right address and all complete.

The machine so far is sweet as.

I called support for a maintenace guy to come and check a clicking fan that had developed and they came without to much trouble, he had to replace the power unit that had a fault also and was in & out in under 40 mins.

I would recommend Evesham whole heartedly.

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