Help! I really need some spec advice...

  athertpa 17:53 22 Mar 2009


I have got £500 to spend on building a custom PC, I am a complete NOOB but really want to build my own.

Can someone give me some advice on what components I would be best to purchase.

I have definitely decided to go with INTEL and this is as far as iv'e got (unless someone steers me otherwise):

Case:Raidmax Smilodon Extreme
Processor: Intel Q6600
Motherboard: ASUS P5Q

Can someone please help me by recommending some other parts and giving feedback on my current choices...

Also things seem a lot cheaper in America, is there any problems with me ordering processor etc from (i.e will they work)???

Thanks for your help

  2bathred 20:19 22 Mar 2009

Sorry to say I am 99% certain Newegg don't deliver outside the states.
£500 is a good price to pay for the bits but don't forget the OS cost.
Western Digital do excellant HDs and Sony good DVD/CD RWs. Crucial are great for memory (life time Garn'te)Make sure you get a top quality PSU (not cheap)it is the life blood of the system.
Have a look at

  Joe R 20:52 22 Mar 2009


is the £500 for a base unit, or a complete system?

  athertpa 21:12 22 Mar 2009

I have got £500 to spend currently, I have already got a 19inch monitor so can hang on a month or so for that (ideally would like to upgrade to 22inch widescreen.

Also I already have a decent logitech keyboard and mouse. Basically I just want to upgrade from my single core AMD 3400+ with rubbish graphics card and sound.

In a nutshell I need something that will run empire total war!

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