Help! How can I communicate with

  mbp 09:05 31 Mar 2004

Briefly: Can anyone let me have a telephone number or email address so that I can communicate with someone (a human being) with a bit of authority to discuss my problem with I have so far drawn a blank! I would be so grateful! Thanks!

  Stuartli 09:29 31 Mar 2004

click here

Found via the amazon Help pages...:-)

  mbp 10:38 31 Mar 2004

Thanks Stuartli. I spent a whole day going down that route but I only get to post boxes. There is no intelligent Human Being at the other end that I can communicate with.
I have just beeen given a new delivery date for my order, the second delivery date. It is 28 to 42 days as of yesterday. I feel that I have been mucked around enough.( The first delivery date was 2 to 4 weeks from order.) I ordered in late February and now cannot expect a delivery before May.
Surely with 28 days extension of delivery date, Amazon have sufficient time to effect a cancellation. But no, my only recourse is to use my Statory Rights, at my expense for the return postage. Something is not right here. This should be looked at by the OFT. My heckles are rising!
I have given a lot of business to Amazon of late, and have spoken highly of them so far, but I am beginning to wonder.

  MichelleC 10:48 31 Mar 2004

I emailed them in Jan to complain about the delivery time of some books I bought for my bro's birthday. The estimated time was 3 - 4 days by quick post. When I checked later the actual time was 3 - 4 weeks! The way they hide the real delivery time I feel is sneaky. I said I wouldn't use them again and they replied 'they were having difficulties with the site which would soon be rectified'.

BTW it would have been quicker for me to ring a book store for them to post it.

  erkmatrix 13:09 31 Mar 2004

Yeah and when you try and sell on their Marketplace they expect you to deliver the next day, one rule for them and another for us.


  Stuartli 16:27 31 Mar 2004

Never had any problems with amazon - quick and efficient.

You did originally ask for a phone or e-mail address...:-)

  Andybear 18:39 31 Mar 2004

A few months ago I rang Directory Enquiries and got the number off them. I rang it and got put through to someone straight away. Unfortunately I can't find it! But if you try ringing DR you might be lucky.

I'm always having problems with Amazon as regards delivery, with constant delays. The latest problem has been a nightmare, with me ending up cancelling an order as I can't get in touch with DHL to deliver it.

  ch0pper 18:51 31 Mar 2004

I have used amazon for many thousands of pounds worth of book purchases.

Occasionally, things have gone wrong.

Thye have always sorted it out. Sometimes, I've even been given gift vouchers by way of compensation.

Anyway, try ringing them:

0800 279 6620 (8am - 6pm)M - F

or Fax

0800 279 6630

Hope this helps

  byfordr 19:48 31 Mar 2004

I have found they normally respond to emails very quickly. I recently had a problem with business delivery taking a lot longer than it should have. Sent them a mail and in under 24hours got a mail back refunding the postage. Their delivery does seem to take a lot longer than it used to, but the service is always excellent.


  Stuartli 09:20 01 Apr 2004

The delivery service may take a little longer due to competition from other sources leading to a free delivery offer.

Clearly using this method amazon is not going to use the dearest, quickest service available...:-)

  mbp 10:41 01 Apr 2004

Thanks everyone. I got so depressed about this matter that I went and spent a whole day at my allotment to forget the world of the PC. Yes, I have had escellent service from Amazon uk when ordering books. I have recently bought just under £100 worth of books. No problems, excellent delivery times. I have praised them openly on forums.

However, my order of Creative Lab Webcam NX Pro has become a nightmare with postphonement after postphonement of despatch date. (It means they do not have the goods advertised or haven't negotiated the rights for distributing it.)

I thank "chOpper" for spelling out the phone and fax numbers, and will give it a try later. Strangely, all the other links I clicked on provided me a page of unrelated "Sponsored Link" with no useful information that I thought I would receive. I am not so sure that this new technology is likely to endear users to the link system newly introduced. It is a diversion and a time comsumer and another way of "pop-up advertising". Please provide a customer choice button toggle that we can switch this off by choice, if we prefer.

I have been reassured that I am quite normal and that this problem with Amazon has not been a figment of my insecurities. If Amazon behaves in this way they will certainly put off serious repeat customers.

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