Help finding a suitable laptop plz

  soy 00:13 25 Aug 2005


I'm gonna be starting anew course at university this september. A degree in Multimedia. Course involves online gaming development, 2d 3d animation, DVd creation and I think maybe website creation. There are more things to do inthis course.

The lecturer mentioned that we will be using 3d studio max and Maya.

I would like to get a laptop but have a budget of £600 - £700 MAX cheaper the better really. I dont really know what to look for and so was hoping if you guys can find something suitable within the budget.

I do have a PC as well which could be used for heavier tasks but i'd rather use a laptop.

My current PC is: P4 2.53, 512MB, 120GB, GF4 Ti4600 graphics card.


  Belatucadrus 01:52 25 Aug 2005

click here;jsessionid=E1BWTCDBKI4ENQCLCWSSM44AJMK0IJVC Maya has VERY high RAM requirements :-

"At a minimum, Maya requires a system with:
Windows: Intel® Pentium® III or higher, AMD Athlon™ processor
Macintosh: Power Mac® G4 and G5
512 MB RAM
CD-ROM Drive
Hardware-Accelerated OpenGL® graphics card
3-button mouse with mouse driver software
450 MB of hard disk space "

So I think you need to upgrade your PC memory anyway. Heres some stuff on Laptop 3D click here more games oriented, but worth a look.

click here for the free Maya Personal Learning Edition.

  soy 13:43 25 Aug 2005


Thanks for the reply. Reading the Maya requirements looks like both my PC or any laptop within my budget wont run it properly.

The link to the Personal Learning Edition of Maya was brilliant. Its probably the most useful thing right know to get a lil head start on the course, lol.

So i'm thinking a Laptop for maya is out of the question. Especially on my budget.

Most computers seem to run the celeron processor and was wondering if this is enough for multimedia software such as 3dmax, macromedia, flash, quark etc.

What do yo think about this for this purpose? click here

  Belatucadrus 21:11 25 Aug 2005

Nice piece of kit from the spec, one thing I'd like to know is does it have a free slot for RAM expansion ? Most laptops do and with your potential high requirements I'd suggest you make sure it can be upgraded.

As to thinking your PC isn't going to run Maya properly, I expect it will run OK with 512Mb, but nowhere near as well as if you'd got 768Mb or 1Gb, depends what you've got running in the background, don't forget that Windows, Anti virus and anything else will all take their share. Check out click here Crucial for an upgrade. At least with the free version you can try it out and see how you feel.

  wjrt 22:15 25 Aug 2005

click here;

also look at Acer laptops do a Google for them

  wjrt 22:19 25 Aug 2005

link not working
Shop Fujitsu Siemens
Amilo A 1630C or Amilo A 1630D

  soy 19:46 26 Aug 2005

Hi, thanks for the advice, much appreciated!

Afetr much consideration about what was more important. I've decided that laptop wasnt really worthwhile for my course.

I've just spent £500 on ebuyer on components to upgrade my current desktop system.


A 17" TFT monitor (LG L1715S) to replace my 19" CRT.

A PNY verto Geforce 6 6600GT to replace my Ti4600.

An extra 512 Crucial DDR 2100 memory module (for a total of 1028MB).

An extra 120GB Hard drive (for a total of 240GB).

Also whilst I was at it, I bought a new case and PSU. Antec Plusview 1000AMG , Antec 480W coolblue PSU.

I hope this will get my system up to scratch.

Thanks again.

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