HELP Do i get a cdrewriter or a dvdburner ?????

  ASAINT 19:33 15 Jul 2005

Hi,I need to get something to backup onto and for photo storage.I have a 850mhz duron with 256 memory and 30gig harddrive.
I was told a dvd burner would be too slow on my system so i was looking for a cdrewriter.
My original idea was to burn my digital camcorder movies onto dvd but again told comp was too slow for this as in an hour of film would take 4hrs to burn.
What would you reccommend i get and what models are the best..
I was looking to spend under £50.

  Charence 21:24 15 Jul 2005

try that website for some good bargains!

Upgrade your RAM (memory) and your PC should be able to run a CD-RW or DVD-RW fine! You should be able to buy more memory and a rewriter for your budget. You already have 256, so another 256 will make it 512 which should be enough.

click here - CD rewriter £10.20

click here - DVD rewriter £23.99

click here - 512MB RAM - £32.23

click here - 256MB RAM - £19.99

NB - the memory shown above will give you an idea of the price, they may not necessarily fit your particular PC because there are many types of RAM. However, the website I recommended you should have the type of memory you require.


  Happy Soul 21:47 15 Jul 2005

ASAINT. The proceedure to transfer home movies to DVD is quite time consuming.

I use firewire.

1. Download from camera to hard drive.
2. Make a movie with Windows Moviemaker.
3. Encode for transfer to DVD
4. Burn to DVD.

The only full 2 hour DVD home movie I did took 8 hours or more.

There are threads here where the preference seems to be to purchase a Recordable DVD player and burn direct from camera.

  Danoh 01:15 16 Jul 2005

Seriously consider getting a much larger and separate hard disk as well. After you have downloaded your movies and edited them, de-frag that 2nd hard drive before you burn DVDs.

  pj123 10:44 16 Jul 2005

A DVD burner will also burn CDs. I might add that I have an Athlon 2.9 processor and 512mb ram and a 3 hour VHS tape still takes around 7 hours from start to finish. I bought a standalone domestic DVD recorder which works in real time, ie. a 3 hours tape takes 3 hours to burn.

Have a look here for a PC based DVD burner, I have the LG 4163 which does a good job. click here

or here for a standalone DVD recorder, I have the Liteon 5006 click here

  Stuartli 13:46 16 Jul 2005

A DVD burner is said to require a minimum CPU speed of 1GB so your system may struggle to cope.

However, lower spec AMD CPUs are very reasonably priced and upgrading, plus the additional RAM suggested, should provide a low cost solution. Probably best to get the fastest CPU your mobo will support.

Always plenty of AMD CPUs offered on e-Bay...:-)

  tenplus1 16:15 16 Jul 2005

I had a DVD Burner working at 4x on my AMD Duron 950 and it worked perfectly... Just gotta make sure DMA is switched on so it works ok...

  Confab 17:30 16 Jul 2005

MY DVD burner works perfectly on a 450mhz P111 with 384MB RAM (win98). It struggles to play DVD's so I don't watch them on the PC but copying and backing up is fine, its just a bit slower than most!

  ASAINT 21:32 16 Jul 2005

Thanks everyone for your exellent advice, its really helped me alot.!
By the sounds of it i,ll forget about burning movies and perhaps get a dvd recorder for the tv later on.I think i better look to upgrading my system a bit in terms of memory and then i,ll get a dvdburner.
Thanks again for all your help.

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