Help With Dell PC and Maxtor HDD

  sjl17 11:03 09 Oct 2006

I wonder if anyone can help?
I bought a Dell Dimension 2400 exactly two years ago with the basic 1 year return to base warranty. Obviously this has run out by now. However the Maxtor DiamondMax Plus 9 HDD with it has now failed. Does anyone know if Maxtor will replace this under warranty or do they pass liability for this onto Dell - meaning I need to buy a new one?

  def90csw 11:05 09 Oct 2006

You could contact Dell to see if as a "good will" gesture they will help. As for Maxtor no harm in emailing them also.

  Mike D 11:13 09 Oct 2006

We have Dell pcs with Western Digital HDDs, when they went we found tht once the Dell warranty had expired WD wanted nothing to do with them as the disks were a "special specification for Dell" and, as such not covered by the usual excellent WD replacement scheme. I took this as meaning not up to the usual mark as we have replace 5 out of 19 HDDs within 4 years of purchase (and they are not especially over-used).

I din't know whether this will be the case with Maxtor.


  sjl17 12:38 09 Oct 2006

Doesn't sound too hopeful then!! If I buy a replacement (ATA 133 IDE drive) what makes would anyone recommend - or is that for a different forum!?

  Rayuk 18:27 09 Oct 2006

Go to the Maxtor website and enter the serial No of the drive see what it comes up with
click here

  sjl17 18:45 09 Oct 2006

I tried that this afternoon. Unfortunately it says contact the PC manufacturer...

I had the same problem about 6months ago my PC 2400 dimension Maxtor HDD failed and tried to get it replaced but Dell would have nothing to do with it so I just replaced the Maxtor HDD 40GB with another Maxtor HDD 160gb and it only cost £35. So hope this helps

  Mike D 22:17 09 Oct 2006

The response from the Maxtor website sounds depressingly like my experience.

I wonder if it is just a case od "Well Dell (or whoever) assembled the machine, so we (the hdd manufacturer) can't be held accountable for any failures", or the pricing of the PCs has driven the prices of the HDD down to a point where the goods cannot be made to the same standards as retail models.

Only thinking out loud, because I cannot imagine that the HDD manufacturers would want to ruin their reputations, would they?


  sjl17 09:12 10 Oct 2006

It does seem strange! I wonder how many other people who buy from Dell experience these problems! A better backup regime on my other Dell PC's may be needed. They have Maxtor drives in and are nearly 2 years old! Thanks all for your help!

  Simsy 09:51 10 Oct 2006

recevied a new HDD from Maxtor under warranty...

I bought the drive new, OEM, just under a year ago. I recently started getting some strange happenings and thought perhaps the drive was failing. I was in the shop anyway and mentioned it to the guy over the counter who said to download the diagnostic software from Maxtor...

So I did this, and made a bootable CD, as instructed...

When booting from this, (I forget the EXACT procedure), you can do a quick scan of the drive. This "passed" but recommended I do a full scan...

This failed, gave me a fault code, and the serial Number of the HDD, and told me to go to the maxtor website...

So I rebooted into windows, went to the website and entered the details, including the fault code ans serial number...

This is the good bit... It said that the drive was still under warranty, and still was for several years yet! (I can't remember the exact date, but it was a good way in the future!)

My drive was also a Diamondmax Plus 9.

(You have the opportunity to ask for a replacement and send the duff one back when you've received it. You need to provide payment details if you take this option, but they wait 30 days for return of the duff one before charging.)

I've read your post about trying the website previously, but perhaps with an error code as well you mihgt have better luck?

Good luck,



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