Help on deciding on a printer

  Bramblerose 17:45 07 Jun 2003

Wonder if you can advise/help - I have just recently set up in business on my own and a large part of my work will be printing out manuals/worksbooks etc. These will be text and photographs and I need a good printer - I know a colour laser would be ideal but budget doesn't allow it - I can afford up to £200. At the moment I have a HP deskjet 970cxi which is OK but is becoming temperamental and chewing up paper which is something I can't afford to be happening - not when I am working to deadlines! I would also prefer a 4/6 colour printer.Any help or advice would be very much appreciated

  wee eddie 18:01 07 Jun 2003

There are a multitude of offers out there. the Leasing Companies are desperate to do business.

Your product would be infinitely superior if produced on such a machine.

The cost of a Lease is a Trading Account item and therefor directly attributable as a cost of production.

  Bramblerose 23:10 07 Jun 2003

Having had a look round I dont think leasing is for me - not yet anyway but thanks for the idea.

  wee eddie 02:40 08 Jun 2003

I calculate. Rather quickly, so not very accurate that £25 per month over 3 years should do the job.

If your scheme is even remotely sound, that should be a cakewalk.

  deannatrois 04:26 08 Jun 2003


Just a quick word of warning. In spite of the brilliant specs for the price, view Epson printers with a little sceptism.

I have purchased a C70 and Stylus Photo 925 in the last few months and neither worked very well. Over the years I have purchased other Epson printers and the printer heads don't seem to last too long.

Sales people tell me that Epson's work very well when I query them i.e. best printer since sliced bread but when u actually use them, they are neither reliable nor economical to use (use lots of ink to print out, ink cartridges very expensive) altho with the 925, the photo prints were very high quality. With the 925, the driver software seemed to cause problems with Word (Office XP) stability also as if the printer was turned on or I printed out a document on many occasions the document became corrupted or lost (in spite of saving backups on floppies, two places on the hard disk). This only happened once I got the Epson 925 and hasn't happened since I replaced it with a HP printer.

I now have a HP PhotoSmart 7550 which u will be able to get slightly over u're budget and seems to me to be much better built, causes no problems with word, and I certainly can't complain about its ink useage (altho some reviews do complain about running costs being expensive). Photo's also print out well. However, the one irritating thing with the 7550 is that u have to buy an extra piece to print double sided copies.

Like u, I have a business to run and deadlines to meet and the last Epson (the 925)caused many episodes of working thru the night to meet urgent deadlines when documents had been lost. Epson Tech. support was laughable. The printer was returned lol!

Good luck

  Andybear 12:43 08 Jun 2003

I bought the Epson Stylus C62 a few months ago, following the reviews in PCA mag, and have had no problems with it, plus the ink cartridges are cheaper than for other Epson models. A friend who runs a small business bought the same one not long after me and she also thinks it's great.

  Bramblerose 16:39 08 Jun 2003

Been out and bought a Canon i850 today - tested it on photos and on Word text/graphics and it seems to be OK - fast and fairly quiet - found a review on it on here, did some more research and like I said went and bought it today.

The price of the cartridges doesn't seem to be too bad, will just have to see how long they last, at least they are 4 seperate ones rather than a tricolour and a black.

Thanks again guys

  wee eddie 20:46 08 Jun 2003

You will now have to spend several happy hours deciding what types of paper to use for what occasion.

All I can add is that buying Copier Paper is a wasted economy.

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