Help choosing a new photo printer

  lottied 22:30 10 May 2014

Hi, as posted on help forum earlier our epson px730 needs dumping! I now have to decide on a new one, quickly! Epson has always been our choice before but open to suggestions, daughter is doing a photography A level so the option to buy Jet Tec ink would be a big plus. I'm computer illiterate so simple to install would also be good. Thanks in advance for any help.

  spuds 10:23 11 May 2014

I have a number of 'all-in-one' printer's, that I use for general purpose plus photography print use. Choosing which one is 'the best' is very difficult due to one's own taste and specifications.

My flavour of the year at present is the Brother range, having gone from Epson and especially HP due to reliability or service problems. What I would suggest is that you do a Google search for some reviews on printer's, then perhaps go from there?.

With regards to the preference to Jet Tec ink, you may well find that some supermarkets own brand, is a re-badged product from Jet Tec. Personally, I have tried a number of cheaper compatibles, and found the ones that I like and use daily. Own major name inks are far to expensive,hence the loss of profit on printer's themselves.

  The Kestrel 12:53 11 May 2014

I have had several Canon printers and been very satisfied with them. If photo printing is important, then this printer produces photolab quality prints and is reasonably inexpensive. click here I have used compatible ink carts with Canon printers without any problems.

  RTrower 20:44 15 May 2014

Canon all the way (Kestrel's right)...
I've had 3 Epson's and they all went belly up. I've given them the benefit of the doubt on multiple occasions, but along with Konica Minolta (the worst investment I've ever had to sign off on), Epson are at best, inconsistent.

Given that... It has been over four years since I had one, so they may have improved.

Canon, certainly for the purposes of an all in one and particularly with a focus on photo is a good, first port of call.

I'm sure others on here have had positive experiences with other makes and they can state their cases and maculate what I've said, but this represents my own experience, nothing more.

It's a bit like... Whats a better camera? Canon or Nikon? Some might say Nikon, but you ask the majority of D600 owners out there about oil leaks.

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