Help choosing a new laptop

  jw400 12:26 23 Dec 2010

Hi people,

My first post here - hopefully more to come as it seems like a great place for information!

I am currently lost in the sea of laptops and hoping for some recommendations!

Use: I am an engineer who uses CAD programmes regularly along with Finite Element Programs which are high reqs and munch on memory! I am also hoping to use a little bit for games (have to have some fun along the way)! I have colleagues who are on Mac Book Pro's and they struggle with the whole comparability of programmes we need (parallels just seems to reduce the programmes to a dithering mess).

I have been looking at:

15"+ screens - the bigger the better!
Core i5 processor
4gb ram
Battery Life - pref 5 hrs +
Gaming aspects

Budget: Less than £800 preferably! Again cheaper the better hehe!

Could you recommend anything as I am finding certain laptops I think are ok then reading bad reviews etc...

Thanks in advance!


  ukpostcode 13:05 23 Dec 2010

You could look at Novatech or Staples.
Toshiba make good laptops & are easy to upgrade the RAM Memory.
I'm on my 4th Toshiba & run Virtual Systems through it.

  GaT7 13:48 23 Dec 2010

You don't mention what games or settings you hope to play at. Good-excellent graphics (GPUs) in laptops is the one component that can inflate their prices the most.

click here provides a list of all the laptop GPUs & their performances with respect to various games. The best ones are near the top.

Does it have to be a laptop? It's just that you'll get better for your money with a desktop, & will be a lot better for your Finite Element programs & games. G

  jw400 14:57 23 Dec 2010

Thanks for your replies!
Yes it does have to be a laptop - I'm potentially going to be moving to and from Canada regularly.

Thanks again!

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