help with charger and batteries please,

  joeltr 11:43 04 Jan 2004

hello all, i am looking for a decent charger and four batteries,AA type for my digital camera,at the moment i am using uniross NI-MH1300 and a little charger ive had for years (used for radio) i need something with a bit more staying power and where to buy, regards joel.

  Pink_Panther2 12:24 04 Jan 2004

Hi joeltr,
Look on the Maplins Website. There is a large choice. You can order online, or if you have a local brach, the staff will be plesaed to advise you. I have no connection other than being a satisfied customer.

  Ranger 12:47 04 Jan 2004

As above, Maplins do a large range, they do have one on special offer at the moment, it is £19.99 and includes 8x AA NIMH & 4x AAA NIMH batteries, it is a 16 hour charge time for these batteries and dosen't have a fast charge

  siouxah1 13:18 04 Jan 2004

click here

Ansmann PowerLine 5 Charger Set

If you are serious about your batteries try above. Costly but will deal with all your needs quickly. Out of stock here, but to give you an idea. Individual charging is the best way to go, if you are willing to pay.Possibly something similar but less costly.

Use one myself. Quick and painless.

Regards Brian j

  Jester2K 13:19 04 Jan 2004

Get Ni-Mh with a mAh of 2000 or more (often called Photo or Hi-Drain). The higher the number the longer they last. I use 4 x AA 1700 mAh in my Fuji S304 and it takes 200+ flash photos before showing a low battery. Takes 8 hours to charge. Made by Uniross and bought in Dixons with change from a twenty...

Or something like click here

"2,200 mAh Ni-Mh AA size batteries " Special Price £21.99

Stick to Ni-Mh and not Ni-Cd...

  The Kestrel 15:18 04 Jan 2004

7Dayshop have some excellent value packages of chargers, complete with 8 to 12 rechargable batteries, for less than £20.

  bfoc 15:19 04 Jan 2004

click here

I have used them numbers of times, not always the fastest delivery, but generally good prices and choice.

  joeltr 15:31 04 Jan 2004

thanks everyone for pointing me in the right direction, will start looking, oh sorry for the delay got called away, thanks again, regards, joel.

  Stuartli 17:10 04 Jan 2004

I trust that the charger you are using is suitable for Ni-MH battery recharging...:-)

Also have a look at click here (a member of the Farnell Group) where I purchased a quick charge battery charger for AA and AAA Ni-Cad and Ni-MH batteries for £11.75 including VAT; it takes under an hour for Ni-Cad and about two hours for Ni-MH batteries, depending on their capacity and comes with both mains and car power adapters.

Batteries charge up in the car almost as quickly as via the mains, handy on an outing or social occasion as there is a 12V output in the boot.

Dixons do the 1800 Ni-MH type under their own brand name at £9.27 for eight - good value and work well for me with a Minolta Dimage E203.

Only reason I went to Dixons was because I was given a gift voucher.....however, compared to CPC, the battery chargers were far more expensive and much slower in charging up batteries.

  joeltr 19:01 04 Jan 2004

thanks for that, my old charger does seem to charge them up but they dont last very long, hence the thread, your response looks very promising, thanks again, joel.

  Beas-Knees 19:27 04 Jan 2004

Have a look her.Internet cameras Direct. Hahnel TC Compact charger RRP £34.99 ICD price £18.00
click here

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