Help buying PC - Dell or PC Next Day

  Girlfriend 15:30 21 Nov 2005

Hi I am after a Desktop for my son to use for his A levels ( basic applications only) and gaming. I would like a good graphics card if possible. I have a budget up to £700 - £800.

I have read reviews on Zoomstorm PC at PC Next Day and searched Dells offers. I am not quite sure which one would suit his needs the most and would really appreciate help with this one.

When I rang Dell for advice price shot up to £1145 ! and PC Next Day have not got back to my query !

Any advice please

  Diodorus Siculus 16:32 21 Nov 2005

Why those two vendors?

Dell Dimensions from £299 Including VAT/Delivery :: HotUKDeals :: Promotional codes, discount codes and forums :: UK deals, discount codes, vouchers, bargains and forum
click here

Take a look above for some Dell options.

What I am going to say always annoys me when someone else says it, but here goes: can you bump up your budget a little? Aldi click here have a good machine from Mdeion for £750 and a monotor for £140.

  Girlfriend 16:45 21 Nov 2005

Thanks for reply, I like the Hot Deals site, I suppose I was looking at Dell because they offer good warranties and reputation and PC next day because of recent review of a gaming PC in a magazine.
I am slightly flexible with my prices - just hoping there is a good deal out there some else has spotted.

  Mr Beeline 16:58 21 Nov 2005


My only objection to DEL (assuming they are still doing this) is that a number of the parts are none ATX standard (just you try and replace the PSU!). Hence from an upgrade ability (IE. thinking about the future here) they are not maybe the best.

If it was me, I'd consider either MESH, or EVESHAM computers. There's certainly loads to choose from on their WEB sites, or you can configure your own. There are also loads of others you could consider (IE. CUBE247, SCAN, or SIMPLY computers). The world is you oyster here.

Good luck.

  puma22 18:44 21 Nov 2005

I had dreadful problems with a company mentioned on this thread. In the end i sent it back and got a dell. Not sorry at all. It is robust and very stable. Recommend dell all the way, even though it might not be the cheapest

  Template 14:54 22 Nov 2005

The problem is that with every manufacturer, there are a percentage of machines which just don't work.
Personally I would never buy a Dell again after problems with a laptop. The very unhelpful helpdesk told me to take the machine apart and remove the memory, despite knowing that I am a complete novice when it comes to computers. The laptop has just broken again.... four faults in just over a year... it's now off to the skip..

In my opinion, how your computer performs during it's lifecycle appears to be down to a great deal of luck..

  sharkfin 15:11 22 Nov 2005

click here

click here

Good deals at MESH.

  Girlfriend 15:32 22 Nov 2005

thanks for all replies. Sharkfin quite like look of mesh PC you highlighted. I have had a mesh system for the last 3 years and no problems with it.
What graphics card best 128mb Nv Geforce 6100 (pay more to upgrade) or the Radeon X700 again I have option of upgrading at reasonable cost.

  sharkfin 16:49 22 Nov 2005


If your son would only be using the system for basic school work and gaming, then I would go for the first system and upgrade the graphics card from the 6100 to the 256MB nVIDIA GeForce 6800 LE which will pretty much play any game.

including delivery, that will bring the price up to: £679.95

  Girlfriend 17:54 22 Nov 2005

Once again thanks
That was the one I was thinking of and within my budget for a second PC. I am not that good with PC components and value others expertise.

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