Help buying a new pc please

  kharzan 21:58 23 Jan 2004

Hi I am trying to buy a new PC, mainly used for gaming with some movie watching. My budget is £1200 without VAT. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I've been stumped so far over a couple of issues (other then finding a good pc) is 1024mb RAM worth the extra cost? How important is a good monitor over the standard ones they offer and how does this compare to their size importance? What processor should I go for? Thanks for reading this.

  Tim1964 23:49 23 Jan 2004

On the monitor front,
I would suggest the largest and, considering your budget, a 19" TFT as this is the most expensive item to upgrade Also for the spec your after a graphics card 'one down' from the latest model (much cheaper/no noticable difference in performance) Ram, cheap enough at the mo' so no harm in 1Gb especially for DVD use.

Remebering of course, the week after you get your machine a faster/cheaper/higher spec one will come out so no good stressing

Happy shopping.

  georgemac 09:21 24 Jan 2004

click here and browse their systems, mesh computers, I have found them to be excellent

  Sir Radfordin 09:27 24 Jan 2004

Very few people will notice the difference between 512mb and 1024mb RAM so only spend the money if you have it and want to have a high-end PC and not a mid-range one.

TFT screens are fine for most people, but going for a 19" one will set you back a fair bit. If you want a big screen then you will get more from a CRT for less money but you will loose a large amount of desk space. Depnding on the distance you watch DVDs from you may find a 15" TFT too small. There can be a big difference in the quality of the picture you get from screen to screen so it can be worth spending the money on a higher spec screen - your eyes will thank you in the long run!

As for graphics cards/ processors then just go for the highest you can get in the budget. Nearly all will allow you to run any games on the market today - just avoid 'on board' graphics as that will never be as good.

I expect you could easily get something for £1000 and still have a high spec machine. If you find certain models you like post them back and people will comment on those.

  961 09:30 24 Jan 2004

To answer the specific questions...

If you are into playing games you will find a CRT monitor much better than TFT and much cheaper as well. Buy a good make after looking at the many reviews available on magazine web sites and Toms Hardware. A 17" top quality monitor is better than 19" lower quality

I would suggest Athlon XP processor 2600

The latest graphics cards are always very expensive. Buy last year's at half the price

Memory is not as dear as it is sometimes. However 512 should be enough

  kharzan 13:00 26 Jan 2004

Thanks everyone! I looked on Mesh computers and found this one, what do you all think? It doesnt give much detail on the monitor which would suggest its not a fantastic one, should I go for a 19" mistubishi dpro 930 instead? Also since there is so much memory on this system do you think it would be advisable to downgrade the memory and upgrade the ram instead? Thanks

Matrix 64 3200+ BPC
AMD Athlon 64 3200+ Processor
Microsoft® Windows® XP Home Edition
Mainboard , GB LAN, IEEE 1394, SATA, RAID
512MB DDR 400 RAM (PC3200) Memory
240GB (2x120) Serial ATA (150Mb/s) Ultra Fast HDD
128MB ATI Radeon 9800 Graphics Pro - TV Out/DVI
17" TFT Flat Panel LCD Monitor
52x CD-RW (52x24x52) CD Re-Writable Drive
SONY DVD Multi Burner (R/W all standard formats)*
Dolby Digital 5.1 Audio with Soundstorm technology
Creative Labs Inspire 6700 6.1 Surround Speakers
Internet Ready V.92 56Kbps data/fax/voice modem
Network Ready integrated 10/100/1000 Ethernet
FREE Microsoft Works 7.0
FREE Pinnacle Studio 8 SE Video Editing Software
3 Year Warranty (2 Yrs On-site + 1 Yr Back to Base)
£1399 all inc. (£1190 ex vat)

  georgemac 14:46 26 Jan 2004

that is some machine, although memory confused me, it is 2 120 GB serial hard drives, looks like this is a system designed for raid.

Personally I would be tempted to go for a lesser priced system, with a high quality 19" crt screen, no need to blow all your budget. The grahics card/cpu & memory look fine.

I don't game so wait and see what some gamers advise on the card.

  kharzan 14:58 27 Jan 2004

whats raid?

  SpyMan²°°­­³ {:o)){--< 15:48 27 Jan 2004

Just to clarify something.....if you are using the PC for games DO NOT get a TFT monitor. They don't support high resolutions used in games, they suffer from shadowing which is a trail of colour after fast moving objects too.

I too am looking for a PC at this moment but the problem is with MESH is that you can only get a 360watt psu....which in my opinion is inadequate for a system such as the one you are after and the one i am after.

In my opinion, it is better to have too much power than not enough.

  Stuartli 17:08 27 Jan 2004

To save typing out an explanation (and time!):

click here

  arricarry 00:32 28 Jan 2004

Your intended monitor is a 17" analogue type. You may want to reconsider this choice for gaming. They keep doing this to people, bunging in a DVI card and supplying an analogue monitor. I am not an avid game player, but I think a digital TFT is better, if you prefer TFTs over CRTs.

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