Waycall 15:57 13 Mar 2003

I live in London and over the past two weeks have been trying to get a desktop.I thought the evesham mk 2400+ was a good deal but could not get one, they do not have enough TFT monitors and I have to wait for till April(by then better spec computers will be on the market).I checked out the Multi Vision Pro Ti but the sales guy was so incompetent that i thought it was not worth the hassle.Does anyone know where I can good a spec machine with a decent TFT monitor from a reputable local dealer in london? Price range £1400 max.Are the dealers in Tottenham court road any good? Frankly I get the feeling they are just interested in the money plus they are not really dedicated computer shops!Please help!

  BrianW 17:05 13 Mar 2003

Have a look in your Yellow Pages for local PC Builders. Call a few to suss out their technical competence and whether you like their style. Then post here and see if you can get any views from previous customers. As others are always saying - support your local store, it may cost a little more but you can get the product on time, on spec and they are close to hand if problems occur.

  Waycall 17:51 13 Mar 2003

Thanks for the tip, I will get around to going thro the yellow pages, but essential if anyone has bought a pc from a local dealer in central london and had a good experience it would be extremely helpfull.I agree though supporting the local dealers is vital, frankly giving my money to the likes of evesham leaves a foul taste in my mouth

"""supporting the local dealers is vital, frankly giving my money to the likes of evesham leaves a foul taste in my mouth"""

And just where do you think Evesham started?

Probably in the same sort of manner as Harrods or Mr Marks and Mr Spencer. Everyone has to start somewhere but I understand your thoughts.

To be quite honest, if it is a local dealer you are looking for then you will just have to rely upon gut feeling. Avoid TCR as I dont dount they can buid computers but I certainly dont like the attitude they display to the equipment (Well, the ones I have seen at any rate).

  Waycall 16:32 14 Mar 2003

Note I approached Evesham both in London ,New Cavendish Street and Croydon, the attitude I got was that tough you either or we can do without your custom no attempt to comprise even when I suggested I would take the ex display TFT and my repeated requests to speak with anyone who had the authority to make the decisions that mattered were met by sorry the manager is not in or busy and leave us your number we will call you. I have seriouse grip with Evesham and I CERTAINLY do not want to give them a my money even if they made the best system available.The sales men are rude hardly speak viable english esp at New Cavendish and are least interested in selling you a computer.I dont care where evesham started but their arrogance in loosing site of the who the customer will come back to haunt them one day.

  Ritchbee 16:59 14 Mar 2003

My apologies, I had assumed it was simply due to the fact that they were one of the "Big boys" especially whan you stated, "to the likes of evesham".

An experience like that is certainly enough to put anyone off!

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