Heads up - Same problems with Symatec 2006 Progs.

  User-367759E1-9114-481F-B005EBD0DB666035 20:43 09 Nov 2005

For those that have a Creative Soundblaster card, be careful.

There is a known issue with Symantec (Norton) products and these cards, in fact, the compatibility issues have been known since at least 2004.

Symantec have just released the 2006 products and have still failed to address these problems.

Proof? - this evening technicle support "Chat" helpline:

Thara: Hi, thank you for contacting Symantec Live Technical Support. My name is Thara. How may I help you?
Graham: I have NIS 2005 and Systemworks 2005 Premier. I have ongoing problems with a Creative Soundblaster sound card. The compatibility issue has been present in Symantec products since 2004. Can you tell me if the new 2006 range of products have this problem fixed?
Thara: While I review the issue in further detail, will you hold for 1 or 2 minutes?
Graham: Sure Thara, thanks for your help.
Thara: Thank You.
Thara: Thank you for staying online.
Thara: Sorry to inform you that the compatibility issue with Creative Soundblaster sound card is not yet fixed.
Graham: Thara: Please note that the New program also have the same compatibility issue.
Graham: Thanks for your help Thara, looks like I’m going elsewhere.
Thara: Is there anything else I can help you with?

  citadel 22:34 11 Nov 2005

I never knew there had been any problems. I have always used norton and audigy and they work perfectly.

  Sans le Sou 23:42 11 Nov 2005

Same here - A lot of PC vendors use creative soundcards and some sell or bundle Norton with them, I wonder if they realise there is a problem. May only affect certain systems like a lot of problems. Makes you wonder though.

I suppose if you have not experienced it then you would not be aware of it. Basically, there is a bug that prevents Norton AV or Internet security from starting up in the "enabled" state when the Creative software is installed. Even if you try to enable it you get an error and it just wont start. Someting to do with a conflicting file being accessed at startup me thinks. What is so damn annoying is that this has been known about by both Creative and Symantec for several years, or at least several releases of the products.

  Sans le Sou 09:10 12 Nov 2005

I am using NIS 2004 which was produced I suppose in 2003, maybe that version is ok, creative may have done something with the Audigy drivers as well, who knows.

  Lettervanman 13:00 12 Nov 2005

Like citadel I was unaware of a problem,I have Norton I/S and Soundblaster and they work with no problems.

This is taken from Symantecs support site click here and referes to the 2004 edition. This same problems has persisted through 2005 products and now into 2006 by their own acknowledgement.

I am now using NOD32 (Thanks to the member who reccomended it) and will ditch all traces of Symantec products - if you can continue to release products with known faults you shouls not expect your customer base to be very pleased.

Error: "Norton AntiVirus 2004 has encountered an internal program error" (4002,517)

After installing Norton AntiVirus 2004 or Norton AntiVirus 2004 Professional Edition and then restarting your computer, you notice that Auto-Protect is disabled. When you right-click the Norton AntiVirus Auto-Protect icon in the system tray and click Enable Auto-Protect, you see the error message "Norton AntiVirus has encountered an internal program error." In the lower-left corner of the window, you see the numbers 4002,517

You may also see this error after Norton AntiVirus has been working correctly for a period of time.

Decide what to do
Do one of the following:

If you have a SoundBlaster Audigy sound card: Start with the solution "Stop Creative Media Center from loading when the computer starts." If that does not fix the problem, then go to the next solution.

  Lettervanman 13:27 13 Nov 2005

Yes I agree you are not off your trolly!!
The link refers to AntiVirus,so perhaps it is not a problem with Internet Security even though AntiVirus is in it.
However, mine ain't broke so I won't fix it!

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