HDTV hellp requird please

  Mary_S 17:02 04 Jan 2007

Dear All

Im looking at buying a 23 inch LCD Higher defintion TV but am a little confused over HDTV connection.
Becuase i may buy a PS3 I want a high defintion TV but consufused as to how the PS3 will connect to a TV in high defintion mode.
This is the TV im looking to buy;

click here

And the specifications for PS3 can be found at ;
click here ... under specifications

I know the TV has HDMI input and PS3 has HDMI output but not sure if theres different types of these HDMI connections becuz for the TV it says DVI-I next to it.

Could sum1 explain this 2 me please ?

Thanks in advance


  anchor 17:43 04 Jan 2007

‘high definition ready’ (in this case) means it will have the ability to display high definition signals "with the addition of a separate HD receiver".

How that can it mean its ready, when you have to buy a separate receiver to get HD?.

  Mary_S 17:49 04 Jan 2007


thanks 4 da replies so far

Can u give an example of the 'seperate HD reciever' ?

I was under the impression with these Higher defintion ready Tvs that if u had another device which was HD like PS3 u just use an HDMI cable to connect to tv.

Im so confused :s lol


  wjrt 18:08 04 Jan 2007

this article might help
click here

  siouxah1 20:01 04 Jan 2007

Have a look herr at Philips site.

click here

It is, however, the 4321 and not the 5321. It states that this one is HD ready. It has the correct logo.
But do remember that the DVI connection will not carry sound. You have to make separate provision through an AV amp or similar.
I have used a 32" Philips with DVI connection and it was quoted as HD ready and carried the correct logo.
Very good set and picture in my opinion.

  siouxah1 20:40 04 Jan 2007

that sound from the imput device can be fed straight to the TV sound in.

  Mary_S 22:06 04 Jan 2007

hey guys

thanks again for the responces much appreciated

Ok so if ne1 now cud just simply confirm whether i be able to play the PS3 in High Defintion mode on this tv ....

click here

given its specification i be very happy

lol i swear all this high defintion stuff is so confusing :(



  anchor 13:13 05 Jan 2007


I, and perhaps others, might understand you better if you did`nt use "text speak". Remember, there are some old fogeys out here.

"Ok so if ne1 now cud" ??

Its not only the high definition stuff that is so confusing.

  Stuartli 16:07 05 Jan 2007

I think that "ne1" is quite cool...:-)

  Stuartli 16:08 05 Jan 2007

Using the same logic, Mary_S's needs could be equally well served by a 15in LCD set rather than a 32in or larger screen size...:-)

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