HDNL mess up again!

  curofone 22:01 05 Jun 2009

Over the past few months I have ordered many things online and have had no problems with any delivery company other than one. Home Delivery Network Limited.
The first time I used them I had purchased £800 laptop online, I tracked the package online from the day of dispatch to the day it was meant to be delivered and imagine my shock when I check the tracking website and it claims they have delivered my machine and there has not been knock on my door from anyone. Lucky for me on this occasion a couple of teenage kids turn up at my house with the hour telling me that my package had been delivered to their house by mistake, lucky for me they were honest kids because they could have bagged themselves a pretty high end laptop if they wanted to. When I spoke to the online retailer concerned and HDNL they basically said what is your problem you have laptop now.
Second time an online retailer used them £80 worth of product turned up at my house in good working wohooo. Now today should have been my third dealing with HDNL, was expecting £60 of stuff delivered today. I get home from work at 5:30 ask a member of family who has been in if anything has turned up which their reply is no, I go online and again what a surprise it was delivered this morning at 9:40 but god knows where to. I get on the phone again to the retailer concerned who confirm my order has been delivered and best of all it has been signed for by me even though I was about 8 miles away from my house at work. Retailer say all they can do is raise a query with HDNL and they’ll get back to me on Monday
But well done HDNL you have currently delivered two thirds of my orders to incorrect addresses, with order values in excess of £850.

Does your house have its houes number clearly visible? The reason I ask is that a surprisingly large number of homes have no house number at all on them (which I discovered when I covered a curry delivery shift for a friend), and I would have no sympathy for them when items get delivered to an incorrect address.

If you do, then the HDNL driver for your area must have an appalling work eithic, as the only explanation I can think of for consistently delivering to an incorrect address is simply being too lazy to find the correct address.

I know you need only discuss matters with the retailer, but perhaps a letter to HDNL headquaters pointing out the consistent errors being made might get someone of authority to investigate as I'm sure they would be less than pleased once this is brought to their attention.

  curofone 23:07 05 Jun 2009

number is clearly visible plus we are the very first house on our side of the road so there really is no excuse for missing it.

  tullie 06:53 06 Jun 2009

I just find it strange that it has happened on more than one occasion.When you received the laptop was the address and postcode correct?I suppose it must have been if the kids let you know.

  curofone 07:14 06 Jun 2009

Yes address and postcode were correct on the laptop order, i still have the delivery note for it with my address on and like you said must have been for it to get dropped off by the randoms. Also when i rang the company concered this time they confirmed that HDNL claimed it had come to my address and i persoanally had signed for it even though i can prove (with various witnesses and the fact alot of my work is time and date stamped with by my name next to it) that i was about 8 miles away at work

  curofone 18:30 08 Jun 2009

well got a call today from the company concerned who said that the delivery driver had been interviewed and he gave a description of a male, early 20s, of average build wearing a pink shirt. Well I am 24, bigger than average build and i don't own anything in pink but at least he got the male bit right. The description does not match anyone in my house as i am the youngest by 4 years in my house.

The company concered has agreed to resend my items and hopefully this time they will get to me.

Perhaps the said delivery driver should have been asked to show them exactly which house he delivered to, and then faced with disciplinary action if there was no reasonable excuse for not finding the right one!

  curofone 21:14 08 Jun 2009

i totally agree with you although what are the chances of the driver actually showing the true house he delivered it to if he already knows that he delivered it to the wrong one.

think i will write to the company this time and see if i get any response

  curofone 21:03 10 Jun 2009

wohoo my delivery actually turned up today, shame it was the same teenage kid as last time that delivered it rather than HDNL, this time I actually found out where they were from and they live on the street next to mine that is clearly sign posted as a different street with a completely different name. The only problem is that the company concerned resent the original order so I should actually be expect another delivery tomorrow.

Perhaps the driver is letting a sat-nav (incorrectly) guide him to your postcode then just delivering to the house with the same number as yours. (I'm guessing the teenage kid lives at the same house number as you?)

  curofone 22:29 10 Jun 2009

Yeah the guy does live at the same number but i do actually have quite a lot delivered to my address by a lot of differently courier companies and is only HDNL that ever manage to deliever to the different street. Really is no excuse as the two street in questions are clearly singed posted. Sat nav might be guiding him to the wrong address but i am hoping the driver can use his eyes.

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