HDD DVD recorder with VCR

  HondaMan 09:06 13 Jan 2011

I am looking to buy an HDD DVD recorder with a VCR player. The object being to copy my VCR tapes to the HDD, edit them, then burn the result to DVD.

Price is not my major consideration - quality is.

Any assistance from uour wonderful wide-based knowledge pool would be appreciated

  961 10:33 13 Jan 2011

If quality is prime I'd be inclined to get separate units. Most of the ones with the two together are, so far as I have seen, at the bottom end of the market

  dms_05 10:48 13 Jan 2011

Agree. I did this some years ago with an old Sony VHS machine playing into a Lite-On DVD/HDD recorder using a SCART lead to connect the two. The results were acceptable (if playing VHS tapes on a 42" HDTV can ever be acceptable!). It just took a lot of time as the VHS has to be played out in real time although subsequent copying to DVD was about 10x faster. Editing can be time consuming. Don't forget to 'finalise' the DVD's so they are playable on other DVD devices.

  HondaMan 11:09 13 Jan 2011

Thanks guys. I kniow there are a couple of top-end combined units, about £1700 plus, I do not really want to spend that kind of money unless I absolutely have to. I'll see what other advice/suggestionbs come in. I have alreasdy done some copying via individual units and I'm still working to improve the quality by using the spdif socket which is on both.

  HondaMan 11:12 13 Jan 2011

"to improve the quality by" should read "to improve the sound quality by"

  961 12:09 13 Jan 2011

I think you may find that time has moved on and the quality of vcr sound is pretty dire compared to what we have grown used to today

On top of that the quality of the original recordings, tv or home movie, has moved on by leaps and bounds

I've got a few done in the manner you suggest. They are regarded as from the stone age by the (giggling) family, and by me as a reminder of how technology has galloped on

  HondaMan 14:02 13 Jan 2011

Yes, I agree with what you say, but if I do not transfer now, they may be lost forever and history cannot be replaced.

  Woolwell 15:02 13 Jan 2011

I had a friend transfer some old VHS tapes (originally from a camcorder) on to DVD by linking a VHS to DVD recorder. The final result was that we haven't lost them but the quality viewed on a modern HD TV is satisfactory but not good. The problem really is the quality of the originals was poor compared to today.

  john bunyan 16:21 13 Jan 2011

I have done some of this . I think the "best" DVD Recorders are from panasonic, and I have one that can also burn and play DVD's, with Freeview tuner.
Ideally the VCR would have 2 SCART connections, and the "Out" one is linked to the "in" one of the DVD recorder. Then you opt to "View from Aux device" or similar. It does take a long time as it records in real time. I recorded to the hard drive first, did a bit of editing on the DVD recorder then burnt DVd's on the DVD recorder.
I would, in any case get a similar DVD recorder and again rccomend Panasonic. As an alternative or in addition, you could get a "cheap" DVD recorder with a VCR built in just to do the job you want.As others have said the quality of DVD and HD recording is so much better than VCR so do get one!

  HondaMan 16:42 13 Jan 2011

Thank you one and all.

  carver 16:46 14 Jan 2011

Only just seen this posting and if I were you I wouldn't bother buying the equipment to do the job yourself, instead use some one like this click here or click here

Thats only a couple out of many companies that do the job for you, and if you work out how long it will take you to do the copying and the cost of buying the machines you should save money.

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