Hd tv

  NORFOLK SPARKY 20:25 12 Dec 2006

Which would be better for hd tv an lcd or plasma. My room being small I dout if I would get anything bigger than 36inch

  citadel 20:28 12 Dec 2006

I have a 26" samsung lcd, that I find is large enough for a small room.

  pcw Manager!!??! 20:50 12 Dec 2006

LCD if under 40". I have a samsung 32" HD (le73 model i think) Picture is awsome, plasma have a glass screen which reflects light unless you are in a very dark room. I am lucky enough to see lots of different tvs running HD signal and i brought the samsung as its picture is head and shoulders above the competetion.

  NORFOLK SPARKY 21:20 12 Dec 2006

Thanks pcw Manager!!??! is there a problem viewing ordinary tv broadcast I have read that Hd tv don't display ordinary tv very well

  AlanHo 21:42 12 Dec 2006

My 42" LCD Toshiba displays standard TV very well - some channels on my Telewest cable box are outstanding and almost HD quality. The recent broadcasts of Planet Earth were awesome.

The one problem is small moving objects on a green background. Watching soccer when the picture is zoomed to show a wide are - say a quarter of the pitch - the fast moving players and ball sometimes seem to be surrounded by a small pixellated area, much like a feint swarm of flies. Its the same with snooker when the picture shows the whole table - the moving balls sometimes show the same effect. It was something I had never noticed until a friend pointed it out and I now tend to look for it.

This seems to be a feature of large LCD sets - friends with Panasonic, Sony, LG and Pioneer have a similar problem.

I have a Telewest TV Drive and can receive HD TV - not that there is much HD TV broadcast at present - however, the HD pictures are breathtaking and I look forward to 2008 when we might receive more HD transmissions.

  citadel 23:06 12 Dec 2006

if you have a small room a large screen appears to have worse looking picture. it is best to go to a large store where there are a lot of screens on display and pick one even if you want to buy online.

  Stuartli 23:53 12 Dec 2006

The problem possibly being experienced is due to the fact that terrestial TV channcels are on 625 lines and the flat screens use 720 lines (+HD resolutions).

The difference is often made up by technology such as Philips's Pixel Plus.

Response times are also important - the smaller the nms number the better.

  fitshase 09:37 13 Dec 2006

Also depends on what you are going to use the TV for the most.

An LCD is backlit so black colours will not be truly black. The contrast on a plasma is much better.

However, because of the glass on a plasma, the relections are very apparent in all but the darkest of rooms.

My advice would be to go to a number of stores to check the quality of the TVs. Measure your room to see how far you would be sitting from the TV and try to view the shop TVs from the same distance.

Remember that a 42" plasma in the shop will look great but may be too big for your room (the shop being huge means that the TVs look normal). Measure some of the TVs in the shops and make a cheap wooden frame at home of the same size to guage the size at home.

My father in law wanted a new TV and had his heart set on a 50" plasma. I persuaded him that this would be too big for the room. He eventually relented and bought a 42" plasma which, when delivered and in situ in the living room, was absolutely massive. He actually commented that he was glad I changed his mind!

  pcw Manager!!??! 18:27 13 Dec 2006

Normal tv can look a bit grainy if its on a big screen 40" or more. Anything less than this should be okay but try looking for an upscaling dvd player and good quality digital ariel connections to give you a better picture, lots of old coaxial cable and splitters can make it look awful!!!

  NORFOLK SPARKY 20:29 13 Dec 2006

Thanks for the replys I thing I'll go for an LCD with screen under 40inches

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