Have you used the Playstation 3 “Wallet”?

  skeletal 17:13 17 Feb 2009

Have any of you gamers ever used Sony’s Playstation 3’s “Wallet”, and bought anything on-line through the Sony Playstation shop?

The reason I ask is that going through the Playstation, you can only buy things from screens that do not show the URL, in particular the “https” showing it is a secure line.

Given that you need to give credit card details, I’m a bit wary.

The other thing that bothers me, having had an extremely quick scan through the terms and conditions (I don’t have three weeks to read them thoroughly) is that it says something like “buying stuff on here you agree that you won’t have a 14 day cooling off period”. So, Sony is saying they will not follow UK law with regard to the Distance Selling Regulations?


  dagnammit 19:21 17 Feb 2009

You're buying a download like an mp3 from itunes.

I have spent about £150 to £170 on the store since getting my PS3 April last year.

No problems whatsoever - the games are soo much fun. Recommend Superstardust HD, SuperSonic Acrobatic Robot Powered Battle Cars, Pain and Wipeout HD.

  Kevscar1 07:26 18 Feb 2009

SuperSonic Acrobatic Robot Powered Battle Cars

A nominee for longest game title in the world

  gazzaho 08:00 18 Feb 2009

Just used it once and have had no problems.

  skeletal 09:30 18 Feb 2009

OK; I guess that answers the question! Looks like the credit card is due for a bit of bashing then!

I’ll tell my son about the games (he’s into COD mostly, but one of his racing games now has a small upgrade of extra cars, hence the need to send Sony some money).

Thanks for the help.


  dagnammit 10:39 18 Feb 2009

Which Racer?

If it's Burnout Paradise it's just a party pack.

  skeletal 14:32 18 Feb 2009

No, it's Need for Speed Pro street. There are several packages of various cars; one IIRC is the Bugatti Veyron.


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