Have you noticed? Ink cost twice as much

  pj123 12:41 17 May 2003

Have you noticed that you can buy a printer for around £30 but the replacement ink costs £60. Cheaper to buy a new printer every time the ink runs out.

  davidg_richmond 13:21 17 May 2003

aye and you don't get the black ink with that £30 printer....thats another £26 before you've even left the shop! I always recommend my customers go for a £70 printer instead that costs £35 to replace the inks and has the black in it....thats the right way around cost wise!

  pj123 13:51 17 May 2003

I have three Epson printers and the most I pay for ink (chipped cartridges is £4.37 per cartridge, non chipped cartridges cost £2.16 each) all from Choice Stationery.

  tinpony 14:23 17 May 2003

i all ways use angel computers in rotherham for my epson ink epson 480 are £7 for both black and colour all in inc vat too i think epson are brlll for printers i have a epson c42ux and a epson 670 both fine

  mcullum_DX4Life 15:16 17 May 2003

Well my HP DeskJet 5550 is amazing considering, it costs around £110 but the ink is only £15 for new HP black and colour cartridges and only £13 for the HP photo cartridge, plus the ink seems to last forever.

Why anyone would spend less then £70 for a printer i really do not know, its been known for years noe that cheap printers need expensive ink. Its a false economy.

  wee eddie 16:52 17 May 2003

When you consider the amount of space in Computer Magazines that is devoted each month to the subject of the cost of running a printer. it always amazes me how many complaints there still are.

It would seem to me as logical that for a product discounted as much as some printers are, that the manufacturer is going to attempt some alternative route to profit.

When you can also buy supplies of the consumable from an alternative manufacturer. To expect the original manufacturer to guarantee their equipment when another's consumables are used in it, is laughable.

As I frequently print blocks of colour I always buy printers with separate tanks (always Canon, so far!) and because the print head is a delicate piece of kit, have costed the manufacturers ink into my calculations. Should I decide to use anothers ink, then I will price replacement printheads into my costs.

Boring but logical!

  Spencus 18:21 17 May 2003

I read a few weeks ago that the OFT will be investigating the cost of replacement inkjet cartridges in the Autumn 2003

  Spencus 19:07 17 May 2003

A recent mag. report claimed that

Epson own brand\black 4p pp...\Colour 52p pp

Canon own brand\black 3p pp...\Colour 29p pp

HP own brand\black 3p pp...\Colour 50p pp

Lexmark o\brand\black 3p pp...\Colour 89p pp

In each case the mag. claimed that own brand, matched to the same name printers produced the best results when compared to compatibles

  -pops- 20:13 17 May 2003

The cartridges supplied with a £30 printer, and many others, are only part full.

  Spencus 20:32 17 May 2003

I should have mentioned the test was carried out on replacement cartridges & not those supplied with the printers. The test also included compatibles, the report covers 2 pages so not enough room here

  doorman 20:46 17 May 2003

wee eddie, I can't agree with all your logic, you say;

"To expect the original manufacturer to guarantee their equipment when another's consumables are used in it, is laughable".

This would suggest that we should all use only the printer manufacturers paper as well.

I a printer needs repair under warranty, as long as the ink has not caused the fault, the warranty should not be affected.

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